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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter! Frohe Ostern!

Wishing all who celebrate blessed and Happy easter!
Allen, die Ostern feiern, gesegnete und Frohe Ostern!

(picture from wallpapers.free-review.net )

In Greece we stll have some time to go...Easter will be on the first weekend of May!
In Griechenland ist Ostern erst am ersten Maiwochenende! 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

little twigs...kleine Zweige!

making things with natural material is among my favourites...
kleine Sachen mit Material aus der Natur zu machen, gehoert zu meinen Lieblings"Basteleiein" ...:) 

but there are also ready minis..where one sometimes can't resist! I found the little toaster at
http://www.swisttaler-puppenstuebchen.com  ( a mini-shop i like very much, run by Desiree with love for detail and special things! worth having a look :)! I made a little tray, some new little blue plates and with the presents  of my friends ...now there is a wonderful breakfast to enjoy! :)
we have :
cookies from Jennifer http://www.plushpussycat.com/
jogourt and apple from Karin http://craftlandminisundanderes.blogspot.gr/
croissants and marmelade from Mimi  http://www.facebook.com/mimi.topia.9?fref=ts
little breadrolls from Maria!http://prettythingsireland.blogspot.gr

aber, es gibt ja auch fertige kleine Sachen, wo man manchmal nicht widerstehen kann! Einen kleinen Toaster habe ich bei Desiree von gefunden! ( sie hat einen schoenen und superausgesuchten Mini-Shop..mit viel Liebe zum Detail und besonderen Sachen! Ein Besuch lohnt sich! :) !http://www.swisttaler-puppenstuebchen.com
Dann habe ich ein kleines Tablett gemacht, neue blaue Tellerchen..und mit  kleinen Geschenken von Freunden...gibts jetzt ein schoenes Fruehstueck! 
Hier haben wir:
Kekse von Jennifer http://www.plushpussycat.com/
Jogourt und Aepfelchen von Karin http://craftlandminisundanderes.blogspot.gr/
Croissants und Marmelade von Mimi   http://www.facebook.com/mimi.topia.9?fref=ts
und Broetchen von Maria! http://prettythingsireland.blogspot.gr
sending sunshine greetings to all of you! slowly summer is coming!
Sonnengruesse an euch alle! langsam kommt der Sommer! 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

right size for Caramel! die richtige Groesse fuer Caramel!

i "met" a German lady through a facebook-group about minis. She was looking for somebody to make an old stove for her in 1:24 ! I offered to give it a try...also having in mind, that if she might like something more professional or different...Caramel will be very happy to have his "right-size" kitchen! As you can see...he has already started making cookies! :) 
These old stoves are called "Kachelofen or Kachelherd" in German, meaning "stoves/cookers with tiles" , they were very common in older days- perhaps still are in many houses today, more modern , but still ever so cosy and comfortable! I am sure all Dutch and Scandinavian friends here will know! :) 
As i said, this is a first try, also first time i tried making something so very small. I had found the measuring of a real one , which was 1 meter 55cm in height,1 meter 45 cm broad,  stove and heater together...so i scaled that down to approximately 6,5 cm high. Originally these pieces are "stuck" together..but i preferred to make them seperately in order to see in which way they look better!  How good that in a dollhouse you don't have to be so strict about the oven-pipes! :) 
The "tiles" i composed after having found pictures on the internet, and printed some sheets...seperate "real tiles" will look nicer of course! 
Now..1:24 is really small...even my smallest "cook-book" looks large here! :) 
There are many tiny details still missing...but i just had to show you! :) 

just in order to compare the sizes, 1:12 and 1:24 !

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Είμαι παιδί: Μινιατούρες, κουκλόσπιτα και πανέμορφες χειροποίητες κατασκευές

At last..a post for my Greek followers! Sheena from http://eimaipaidi.blogspot.gr    "i am a child"..-ideas for parents and children, crafts, playing, life ..and much more- had found my blog and asked if she could do a post about it!! I was thrilled of course! She wrote a very nice article and choose pictures on her own from here ! I was so happy to see that she choose Caramel's funbath, too! :)
You can have  a look at the link below!
( I think there is another mini-fan among us!!! )

Nun habe ich endlich auch mal etwas fuer meine griechischen Blogbegleiter!
 Sheena von http://eimaipaidi.blogspot.gr  "Ich bin ein Kind" - mit vielen tollen Ideen fuer Eltern, Kinder, Spielen, Leben..und vieles mehr- stiess auf meinen Blog und fragte an, ob sie etwas veroeffentlichen duerfte! Da habe ich mich natuerlich sehr drueber gefreut! Sie hat einen tollen Artikel geschrieben und selber die Bilder ausgesucht, die sie zeigt! Toll,  dass Caramel's Spass-Bad auch dabei ist! :)
( ich glaube, es hat sich noch ein Mini-Fan gefunden heir! )
Wer mag..kann ja mal schauen auf dem Link unten!

Είμαι παιδί: Μινιατούρες, κουκλόσπιτα και πανέμορφες χειροποίητες κατασκευές

Friday, March 8, 2013

Caramel's new outfit! Caramels neue Ausstattung!

Caramel loves his hat, put on his boots...but looks quite different from "Paddington" now! Never mind..i think, he wants a suitcase ,too ! He has made plans for next winter!
Starting the "boots" they all had some fun looking through the things to use. we had Monika's tutorial in mind ( from http://puppenstubennostalgie.blogspot.gr/ ) about rubber wellingtons...but we ended up with another "style"...Caramel's legs are not as small as they show! :) And i wanted his boots to come off and on! 


fun / Spass


Jacke, Stiefel, Hut...und Caramel! Jacket, Boots , hat ..and Caramel!

a small traveler? ein kleiner Reisender? 

Caramel gefaellt sein Hut, er hat auch seine Stiefel angezogen...aber er sieht doch nicht so ganz wie "Paddington" aus! Ist aber nicht schlimm...ich glaube er braucht ein Koefferchen! Er da so einige Plaene fuer naechsten Winter! 
Beim Aussuchen und Durchsuchen des Materials gab's einiges an Spass fuer Alle...eigentlich wollte ich Monikas Anleitungen fuer Gummistiefel nehmen ( http://puppenstubennostalgie.blogspot.gr/ )...aber dann wurde es doch ein anderer "Stil" ..denn Caramels Beinchen sind garnicht so schmal und klein ,wie es vielleicht aussieht! :) Ausserdem soll er ja seine Stiefel an-und ausziehen koennen! 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


with a little help from friends...WHOOTING can go on! :)
Mit der Hilfe von Freunden kann auch Jazzis Mittwochs "Bewunderungsschrei" Text veroeffentlicht werden! :)