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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Santa getting ready again.. :)

This year the house will be in our shop window! Very exciting..i hope people will like it! I added a bow with lights for the top , put on "new clouds" and added a few things..which you will see on better photos tomorrow!
What i very very much love this year is, that i could add things that many of you send me!! :)
Maria's fruit and little heart are on the kitchen table, the angel is on the fire-place, the little bell found a special place..
Monika's little drawer became a wine-box-gift....
Karin's cookies found their place here,too....
...and there is more...!! :)

..bad photo...no, we are NOT on fire!! :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

more birthday surprises!

noch mehr Geburtstagsschenke, diesmal aus Irland! von Maria "Pretty Things Ireland"
Danke Maria...so viele schoene kleine Sachen! Vieles hat schon seinen Platz gefunden!...und Praline steht seit ca 4 Tagen nur vorm Spiegel! :)
...this time is was Maria from "Pretty Things Ireland".  
Thank you so much, dear Maria! So many tiny cute things! Many have found their place already! It is amazing how many things fit into a dollhouse!!! :)
...well..and Praline has been infront of the mirror for the last days..can't get her away! :)
soooo many things!! sooo viele Sachen!!!

you might wonder, why Praline is "naked"??? nun, warum ist Praline wohl "nackig"????
YES...she got a dress! I don't know if Maria made it for her actually....but there was no way, Praline WANTED IT!!!!
JA, sie hat ein Kleidchen bekommen! Ich weiss nicht, ob Maria das fuer sie gedacht hatte...aber es ging kein Weg drumrum...sie WOLLTE ES!!!

and Caramel quickly found what he NEEDED : the sock for presents and the big bag!!!! 
:) ....yes, he takes these to bed, too...just in case! 
ja, die Sachen nimmt er auch ins Bett mit...man kann ja nie wissen!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

a lot of various....viel Verschiedenes!! :)

 liebe Deutschsprachigen...aus Zeitgruenden gehts momentan nicht so lang am Computer zu sein...hier gehts heute um Geburtstagsgeschenke aus Australien und Weihnachtsminis!!! :)
Versuchts mit dem Google-Uebersetzer, auch wenn's vielleicht etwas "schief" wird... :)

first things first ! :)
Yes, i was my birthday on the 16th...
this is me....just some :) years ago !!!
Linda from MinitreasuresWiki must have spread the word... :) She is a November-Birthday-girl, too...and through this, Karin from http://craftlandminisundanderes.blogspot.gr/  found out that we have our Birthdays together! :) So..it's Happy Birthday to her, too...even some days later!
A surprise arrived on the 16th exactly...a beautiful little card with presents for me from...yes, guess!!!! Mini -Jazzi and Jaz from Australia! I was thrilled and very moved, Jaz wrote so very kind wishes! She send me some Minis, one more cushion from Australia - which is VERY good, as there have been some little fights over the one and only we had ( meaning Praline and Caramel!!), a rolling pin for Praline's kitchen , two Australian newspapers and another kitchen-tool i will show later, as it didn't survive the long journey...but it is being glued! :)
AND jewlery for me..in the style i love! Well..sisters do know , don'  t they? !!! :)
Dear Jaz...a big big Thank you!
Praline wanted to show them to you, they are just a bit to big for her...she will get her own ones, i had been planning on that! :)

and the rolling pin has got perfect matching colors for the kitchen!!! She loves it!!!
Now, getting into christmas mood..and hopefully some sales..:)
I had told you, i found a thrown away artificial christmas-tree...a Big one...i can now make many many tiny wraths !! :)

Speaking about christmas, there had been a special offer at an internet shop..where i found very cute figures making cookies. i couldn't resist...in the pictures here there are two of them, i will use more in the next scenes! Here is Grandma and a little boy:

I also put some deco into my baker's workroom and put it into our shop-window...before Santa will come with his house! :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

take a look here : http://eatcakeminiatures.blogspot.gr/

:) ...mini cakes and more!! and there is a giveaway!!
:) ...mini Kuchen und vieles mehr!! dort gibts auch eine Verlosung!!

...update on life..
still no internet at home...but coming soon. i try to keep up with reading from our office ( more "quickly looking" ) at your blogs...
 ...das Leben
habe noch kein Internet zu Hause..aber bald. Ich versuche vom Geschaeft aus, eure Blogs zu lesen ( besser gesagt "schnell durchgucken"). 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

a wonderful birthday present! ein tolles Geburtstagsgeschenk!

i will be back regularly this week...just HAVE to show you this!!! :) my sister remebered i so much wanted these...and i got them! :)
my other sister was with me for a week, we had a wonderful time- also did some work in the new house.., went to the Acropolis museum (which is just awesome..have to tell you more about it!!) , shed many tears today when she had to leave again...but that's life..!
See /read/ write soon !!! :)

ich hoffe, in diesewr Woche wieder regelmaessig hier zu sein!...aber DAS musste ich euch doch schnell zeigen! :) meine Schwester hat doch zu meinem geburtstaf dran gedacht, sie wusste, wie sehr ich mir so ein  (nun sind's zwei) Laempchen gewuenscht habe! Meine aeltere Schwester war ein Woche bei mir, wir hatten wunderschoene und volle Tage, ein Besuch im Akropolis Museum ( worueber ich noch mehr erzaehelen werde- absolut toll!), wir haben auch einiges in der neuen Wohnung geschafft, und heute einige Traenchen vergossen, da sie wieder weg musste...aber so ist das Leben!
Bis bald!!

And there is more to tell...but i have to take photos first! :)
Es gibt noch mehr zu erzaehlen..aber ich muss erst Fotos machen!  :)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

in the middle of moving, work and a lot of chaos..:)

..i saw that there were so many "pageviews" today...and the visits to my blog passed the 50.000 !!!!!!!! That's incredible and soooo wonderful! Thanks to all!!
As soon as internet is set up in the new flat ( i am now having just a quick look at our office) ...Praline and Caramel will appear again here! :) ...also with some stories ...about where the soap was hidden during the moving days, why the washing-machine didn't like the moving, where one can find shoes after some days...

mitten im Umzugsstress , viel Arbeit und einer Menge Chaos ...konnte ich aber heute im Geschaeft mal schnell gucken...und sah ,dass heute soooo viele Besucher hier waren, und die Besuche insgesamt die 50.000 ueberschritten haben! Das ist super toll!!! Herzlichen Dank Allen!
Sobald das Internet im neuen Haus funktioniert, kommen Praline und Caramel wieder hierhin!!! :) auch mit ein paar Geschichten, warum z. B. die Seife waehrend des Umzugs nirgendwo zu finden war, warum die Waschmaschine den Umzug gar nicht mochte, wo man auch nach Tagen noch Schuhe finden kann...

Pageviews today

........ :) 

Freue dich ueber diesen Moment..dieser Moment ist dein Leben!