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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Catching up :)

time flies...:)
what have we been up to? well...making various things here and there while thinking about bigger projects, (Praline's house make-over...:) perhaps adding rooms to Santa's house in the clouds :)  , studying on how to improve making minis, admiring your blogs and always ever so beautiful work, preparing  ( and again studying :) ...on a few future orders, like an elderly Greek Lady who would like me to make a traditional old room from houses of the aegean islands, then a small shelf unit as dollhouse library, and a roombox for a young Greek lady who lives in France..but is homesick for Greece...all to be done in the coming months, with no specific descriptions for the orders  except that they should be "nice" ! :)
As my miniature is on display in our printing business, a few pieces do sell from time to time, which i am very happy about of course! Dollhouses, or better DIY dollhouse items are not very known here, but it is nice to see people stop by and look, especially the kids!
Here is a mixture of recent work :
Two baby-corner rooms with tiny little baby dolls, which are made by a friend- i just dressed them!

A friend who makes mini-fimo-jewlery fell in love with a tiny blue box she saw on the web and asked me to make a similar for her! :) The difficult part was to find the right colour of paper in my drawers..but i think i did! :) Unfortunately i can't finf the link to the original picture ...if anybody knows, please inform me! :) 

this is the original from the web! If anybody knows who made it....let me know!! :) ....see UPDATE under the next pic!!!
Update on the origin of this cute little box!!!  sweet and wonderful Jennifer from http://www.plushpussycat.com/ knew !!! It is  by Catherine Parsons of Sweet Petite Shoppe on Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/SweetPetiteShoppe 
Have a look there...lovely minis! lovely colours! 
Thanks very very much Jennifer! 

This is mine

The folded little mice continue to sell regularly one by one....so i am constantly making new ones , and also made some more tiny ones :) They are so cute always! :) 


Mini books: i tried rings with mini books, some with "The little prince" have found new owners already :) 
It is a nice idea i saw from others.

and a title...i couldn't resist to : ( as not everybody loves cooking!!! :) 

dollhouse furniture : i made a shelf unit in 1 :12 ..yes, sweets and cakes..what else???? :) 

deco items : two more little houses, just cute to look at :) These decorative items also sell from time to time, as they are less expensive than a mini-scene or box! :) ( difficult times here in Greece...) 

Last..but in no way least...we got some beautiful presents from my friend Inge from Frankfurt! 
a tupper-mini breadbox...which is perfect for Praline's kitchen ( although i might paint it! ) 
ice-cream and a beautiful cake, and a tiny bear and a Harlekin..ever so cute and lovely! Lisi had to wake up Caramel and Praline to show them ! :) 

Thank you all for coming by, for leaving comments ( ..sorry , i haven't been good with that lately on your blogs...) , for just "being there" ! It means much to me! Take care !