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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Letters to Santa...and led candles!

I had seen these led battery little lights on various sites...but always thought they might be too big for dollhouse purposes. Well i talked about it with a friend from a german dollhouse group, she suggested they would most probably do, she knows of people who do train modells and use them...so i finally got some ( to my surprise
very near in our town) ! They are actually used quite a lot here now in cafeterias, bars etc for decoration instead of real candels. The train-modelists breake away all plastics around and just keep the little led lamp....but one has to be quite an expert for that, in order not to break the whole thing!
Anyway...i wanted them to light up my santa box...as they are cheap comparing to dollhouse products and lights. These little led candels are 2.50 to 2.80 euro a pair!!  And i haven't yet found any small lights in 1:24. With my scenes i don't really measure what i am making and most of the times i end up with a size smaller than 1:12.
I made two extra little shelves for the santa box now, as the candles came into it after finishing :). I painted them with nail colour and glued some decoration on to them. They have a little switch for on/off. So , there is no use in putting them somewhere where one can't reach them. In a future box i will plan on where to put them from the
beginning..and make the proper place for them! One could also make holes in the walls /ceiling..and just push through the little light. The"flame" (plastic cover)  comes off, too,if one wants...and then there is only a
tiny little lamp! Thus the switch would be on the outside and the lamp could stay in the place! Lots of planning ahead!!! :)
I will try to take a picture..just with the candle-light, it is quite sufficient for dollhouse purposes! (but not easy to photograph! )  ........................
But..more important now...here is Santa's mail box! 
Caramel had many ideas on what to write to Santa! How fortunate he is to have friends to help him post the letter! The fun part is, you can put in a real-lifesized letter! 
Who knows how and when...but ...Santa will surely get it! :) There is a little bell to let him know that there's a new letter! 
The box is 23 cm high, 15 cm wide and 7 cm deep. It is for sale, little Santa comes in for free...it is a little plastic doll dressed up with a rather old and worn coat. But he is cute anyway! :) Rudolf is there ,too...he is a plastic toy., too. All other things are made by me. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Friends to friends! :) The 400 followers giveaway! :)

Better late than never :) Here we are!
Besser spaet als nie...Hier ist der Sekt! :) 

We : Anne, Praline, Caramel and Theodore wish to thank all of you for taking part in our mini-life, for supporting, commenting, encouraging us and making this blog a happy place to visit! :) 

There is the long-promised champagne, two glasses and a little paper-rose for you to win, together with a few Christmas mini-books! You can also have the little table if you wish too! :)

Some more little surprise presents might be added until the end of give-away-time! :)
There is a month's time to take part...until November 17th, midnight in Greece! :)
As i would like to thank the up-to-now followers, there is no need of posting this on your blogs...i would like one of you 400  to win the little present! :)

The champagne is from 4littlewalls, http://www.fourlittlewalls.com/, Kat who runs the store was ever so kind with reserving that little bottle for me! :) The paper-rose is also a present she Had enclosed with the bottle!
The drinking  glasses are from Denise with http://www.swisttaler-puppenstuebchen.com.
She had been so kind to search the web for me, in order to find some special drinking glasses! :)

I hope you like the little items...you might say, why ready ones? Well...i haven't tried to do bottles yet...thus, this beautiful ready one was the best choice!!! :) And it HAD TO BE champagne! :)

Just leave a comment here..and you will be counted in !!! :) 
Wir, Anne, Praline, Caramel und Theodore moechten euch allen herzlich danken fuer eure Unterstuetzung, alle Kommentare, alles Ermutigen und euer Engagement,so dass dieser Blog hier ein froehliches Stueckchen Mini-Leben geworden ist! :) 
Hier ist nun der schon lange versprochene Champagner, zwei kleine Glaeser, eine Papier-Rose und ein paar Weihnachts-Minibuecher! Der kleine Tisch gehoert auch dazu, wenn ihr moegt! 
Bis zum Ende der Verlosungszeit kommen vielleicht noch ein paar kleine Sachen dazu! :) 
Einen Monat habt ihr Zeit zum Mitmachen, bis 17.November, Mitternacht hier in Griechenland! 
Weil ich moechte dass eine/einer von euch 400 den Preis gewinnt, braucht ihr die Verlosung nicht auf euren Blogs bekanntgeben! 
Der Champagner ist von Kat mit  http://www.fourlittlewalls.com/. Sie war so riesig nett, dieses eine Flaeschchen ziemlich lange fuer mich zu reservieren! Und die Papierrose ist auch ein kleines Geschenk von ihr! 
Die Glaeser sind von Denise mit  http://www.swisttaler-puppenstuebchen.com. Denise hatte vor einiger Zeit fuer mit im Web nach bestimmten Glaesern gesucht! 
Ich hoffe , euch gefallen die kleinen Sachen! Vielleicht fragt ihr euch, warum nicht selbstgemacht? Nun..an Flaschen hab ich mich noch nicht geuebt...daher war diese gerade perfekt! Und ..es MUSSTE Champagner sein! :) 

Hinterlasst hier einen kleinen Kommentar und ihr seid dabei! :) 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


1. Champagne for the little giveaway is here! :)
1. Sekt ist angekommen fuer die Verlosung! :)

2. Caramel is writing a special letter....fotos will be taken tomorrow! :)
2. Caramel schreibt einen besonderen Brief! ...Photos kommen morgen! :) 
just a little glimpse here!
nur ein kleiner Blick hier! 

3. a very first customer wants 4 (yes 4!! ) Cupcake-shop-boxes , which i make together with my friend Inge from Germany! We are ever so excited and happy ...and will be terribly busy! :)
Our common work is here :http://www.facebook.com/Minimagicdreams
3. ein allererster Kunde ist da fuer 4 (ja 4!!!! ) Kistchen mit Cupcakethema!!! Die Kistchen mache ich ja zusammen mit meiner Freundin Inge aus Deutschland und wir freuen uns riesig und werden schwer beschaeftigt sein! 
Unsere gemeinsamen Sachen koennt ihr hier sehen! :http://www.facebook.com/Minimagicdreams

nearly forgot 4. :) ...i found a solution to have cheap, practical and nice and small lights in all scenes!
und 4....beinahe vergessen! Habe eine billige, schoene und prakatische Loesung fuer kleine Lamopen gefunden!

see you tomorrow!!:)
Bis morgen!! :) 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Mini Jazzi on her way again! Mini Jazzi wieder auf Reisen! :)

Mini Jazzi had a superb and wonderful time with Doris from
Thank you so much for taking part in the big adventure around the world! :)

Mini Jazzi is now off again...to a SURPRISE destination! Look out where she will appear again! :)

Picture from Doris's blog!!! (hope you don't mind!! It is so sweet! ) Mini Jazzi with new outfit!
Mini Jazzi mit neuen Kleidern! Das Bild ist von Doris Blog..ich hoffe, sie hat nichts dagegen! :)

Mini Jazzi hatte eine tolle und interessante Zeit bei Doris von http://verylittlehumor.blogspot.gr/
Es ist toll, dass sie mitgemacht hat beim grossen Abenteuer der Weltreise! :) 
Nun ist sie wieder unterwegs...zu einem UEBERRASCHUNGSZIEL! Haltet die Augen auf, wo sie wieder auftauchen wird! :) 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Calling Spanish friends! :) Please help finding missing bears!

When friends need help....please share! 
Wenn Freunde Hilfe brauchen....bitte weitergeben! 

Looking for : 
Suche nach : 

These two little bears were stolen together with a bag.., from a parked car in Barcelona on Wednesday ,October 2nd !

If you happen to see them somewhere...perhaps they were thrown away??? Please contact the owners at this email :  hollibaer-missing@yahoo.de

This is the blog : http://sophies-dailys.blogspot.de/2013/10/notruf.html

Diese beiden Baeren wurden am 2.10.2013 in Barcelona zusammen mit einer Tasche  aus einem Auto gestohlen! Die Besitzer koennt ihr unter dieser email Adresse anschreiben : hollibaer-missing@yahoo.de

und auf diesem Blog kann man mehr darueber lesen! http://sophies-dailys.blogspot.de/2013/10/notruf.html
Vielleicht sind sie ja weggeschmissen worden...wer weiss?