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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Let's go on a trip! A special WELLCOME to Jonas from Lithuania with http://likusiosdienos.blogspot.com/

A photografer from Lithuania , Jonas, took interest in my blog and wrote a nice comment! Thank you so much! His other blog is http://jonas-fotografija.blogspot.com . Beautiful pictures from many countries will take you on a trip ..nearly around the world!
Taking part in the blog-worls also means "travelling" and getting to know people, places, traditions and inspiration from so many countries...and even learning some words in foreign languages! (remember my post about "learning English without realizing" ???) . Looking at other so many pages about miniature, one can slowly get to understand some words and expressions and admire other languages! I use google-translator  a lot ...but these translations are mostly more funny than serious, but anyway one can get the point! Enjoy your trip to Lithuania!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Facebookgroup " ReUseConnection"

Have a look or join that group on facebook about recycling and re-using material. It is amazing what people all over the world do! There are also many Photos ,many links referring to other sites where one can see more and more and more....! And also learn a lot! 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gerald Durrell

it is really worthwhile reading through the comments on the youtube page on this little film!

How Jersey Zoo evolved into Durrell.

My Family and Other Animals (1st 10min)

If you don't know the books by Gerald Durrell...."My family and other animals" ...wonderfull summer reading...and about Corfu (of course!) :)
It is a true story about childhood years on Corfu , amazing and wonderfully told- with great humor and many funny scenes. My love for Corfu has a lot to do with this book, as i myself also had the chance to live through magical summer vacation on Corfu as a child, far away from "civilisation"  and rainy months in Germany!
Through the books by G.Durrell ( there are quite a lot and all of them wonderfull) there is a lot of interesting stuff to learn about nature-all described in such an interesting way that even if one is not a "nature-fanatic" it is ever so interesting to read! AND you get into the Corfu-Mood, which has not changed much over the years!

recycling plastic bags...

The seagulls on some of my "LITTLETHINGS" are cut out from plastic-wrappings of paper-napkins and other paperproducts a firm here makes. They look so nice, It would be a pity to just throw  away! I glue them on some strong paper and then cut them out (again). 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer feeling for our office!

This little piece of driftwood was perfect to become a little "Summer-reminder". We have a digital printing office where the whole family is envolved...and should not forget that summer is also SOME TIME AT THE BEACH!! This "LITTLETHING" found its place on the counter! I hope it is strong enough to get the message through!
for my Greek followers...if interested have a look at www.cadprint.gr
YES, i will do the English texts soon!

something new coming up

Friday, June 24, 2011

Following the last post and as a commment on my little sidenote...Some time ago I found this little video on Youtube and I think it expresses things quite well! You might agree...or disagree...but it CAN NOT BE ALL ABOUT MONEY! Δήλωση ενός Έλληνα The statement of a Greek.flv

Καλοσορίσατε! Wellcome to 3 nice new followers from Greece!

Here they are, full of creativity, beautifull nice things, colours and imagination!
As I love Corfu so much...please allow special greetings to Anzouyia from Corfu with her Blog : Anzouya

Next are : Vicky with  Bijoux...κερί " Η χάντρα"
and Vasia with http://mundovasia.blogspot.com
It is worthwhile looking at all! (and reading thoughts and stories).

As a little sidenot I would like to say, that Greece has been in the media so much lately and not that positive...Unfortunately the media always choose to "forget" reporting about other,  more positive sides! The blogs - and of course the real work- of all these young creative Greek people prooves them otherwise!

something different! "The magical potion" a digital game

This is a digital game for children with mental disabilities, designed by the students of the National University of Athens and its  very active Laboratory of New Technologies, where my son studied and took psrt in many projects.
The great thing about this game is 1. easy to play , all procedures and levels can be repeated as many times as the player wishes ( which is important as especially autistic children love to repeat things), and 2. the teachers can easily import and upload themselves individual tasks for each child playing making it more easy or more difficult to play!
The magical potion has already been tested in schools very sucessfully! If somebody is interested in more info ,do contact! It is a very thoughtfull and positive project, having combined many aspects of life for the students who designed it and for the players as well!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

for uploading photos go to EDIT HTML on the "New Post" page, and then click on the photobuttom

try on uploading pictures...THANKS TO Franka -who is a new follower- with her beautiful blog http://meinedinge.blogspot.com/

I had just put up a blog-post about problems with uploading pics, when Franka left a comment advising to use HTML! Which i just did AND IT WORKED!!!Thank you so much! ( mystery/miracle computer-world!! my sons would now just laugh...but I DIDN'T GROW UP WITH COMPUTERS!!!)
If Maria with her blog " Pretty Things Ireland " reads this...DO TRY, TOO!!!
Well, some more ear-ring/jewlery or"what-so-ever" organizers/ places to keep them, are ready! I still enjoy doing some LITTLETHINGS with shells and BEACH_MEMORIES!

something new slowly starting...

the little bench was originally a red  plastic one.It got painted and turned out nicely- i think- "old". I took the photo putting it outside on a really old flowerpot...which might be nice to take a photo from and turn it into a printie .Will give it a try tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Question about an old painting! Would anybody know where to get a poster?

1841 ,Benjamin Heinrich Orth  "Waffelbaeckerin"

This is an old painting by a german painter from Mainz. His paintings are in the Landesmuseum of Mainz, but i can't find out if this one is or where one could get a poster of it....If anyone would know, or have any suggestion about it...very wellcome! 
My second son, who signed in as follower on his mum's blog, loves waffles ever so much and we have been searching for more on this painting for a long time. It was presented on the German tv show  "Kunst&Krempel" (art and staff) some years ago. In this show people can bring their old "treasures" or findings and have them estimated. My sisters and me had been there to have 2 old porcelain figures estimated which were from our grandfather! 
The above painting is considered very rare and quite worthy because of the theme! Well...i am just looking for a poster of it! (Would be a nice present for my son...it's his birthday today!) 

Monday, June 20, 2011

2 special new Followers! One is http://corneliasallerlei.blogspot.com/

although my "mini-production" is quite slow these days, having to do with a lot of tidying up and looking through things , there are 2 new followers! My son No 2...more about that in an other post! ( Isn't it nice to expirience that your children like your staff??? !!! ) Wellcome, my boy!!!

AND then : Cornelia with her beautiful, tiny, ever so sweet little BEARS! Looking through the internet, I have decided that IF and WHEN my forest-wood-fantasy dollhouse will be ready, some of these sweeties will come to live there! Here are some pics of my favourites ( difficult to decide!!) 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pageviews statistics :)

Pageviews have rapidly gone UP during the last days, i am amazed! Thank you for looking at my blog, i am really overwhelmed. I like to have  a look at the statistics, especially seeing the countries viewers are from, really exciting! And seeing where from viewers found their way to my blog, which here are mostly these 3 blogs in Greece :

All of them made so nice handi-craft things, do go
there and take your time to have a look!

Something completely different, but full of ideas...as all miniature people are in their world ,too! Sound Design - Kung Fu Panda 《功夫熊貓》音效特輯

My youngest son has just finished his studies in Sound-design and music-technology, and provides us with a whole lot of new aspects on films!I think he will have to do the sounds for a "Mini" film for his mum!!! :) 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Juwlery organizer- Beach memories continue!

Easy to use ( and to make) organizer for ear-rings! I am not the juwlery typ...but quite many others are :) ! So, have a nice place to put them!
And a good opportunity to recycle the cover-top of boxes, beach-findings, some wrapping material! 


With the stories in my blogposts of the last days there have been so many pageviews that i was really amazed! Thank you all for taking such an interest!
While thinking about what to post next ( and surfing the news on the net  :) ...I read the true story about a young girl in UK and her blog.http://alicepyne.blogspot.com/
Do go and read it... I can't really say much more, as I was moved to tears and just pray and hope that the Lord might have mercy and do a wonder on this powerfull and courageous little girl!
It is the day of the HOLY SPIRIT in many parts of the world, what a perfect day to join in prayer. We can not know what God might do, we ever so often keep asking " WHY" about so much hardship, but I think we should not give up HOPE. Whatever religion we all might be...praying is universal!

Friday, June 10, 2011

How to learn English without realising it ...or...International communication and technology in the "before-INTERNET" years

Besides miniatures/dollhouses and all beautiful work and pictures...I think we all love interesting stories!
My last posts were about Australia and our family-friends overthere.
Growing up with an interpreter as mother and her being a person interested in everything coming around, as a child i was very soon confronted with foreign languages, but not troubled by that, as it came as something natural...simply belonging to our life. But there is one story which is quite outstanding and well remembered by many pupils who had to "endure" my mother as an English-teacher in High-school in the 70ties!
As she was not a professional teacher, her teaching methods were quite unorthodox many times, but always interesting! Pupils ( and her children of course) would get involved in stories, one would never know what they might turn into! This is just one example:
"THE SHIP THAT TURNED OVER- THE STORY OF THE FLYING ENTERPRISE" , a little grey booklet, written as a reading-practice for young students of the English language. Interesting, but ..well ..just one more book to read. WRONG!!! Mother's students knew her too well, not to let this opportunity slip away! A question to their teacher came up, of course without the students ready to imagine what would follow... "Do you think this is a true story? Would the Captain perhaps still be alive? "
Well, mother didn't hesitate long and made her class (!) write a letter to Lloyd's London in order to find out. I remember the agonizing days waiting for the answer, the fear they might not bother with some German pupils. But they did answer and provided a whole lot of information on the ship, the captain, their company. Of course all students had to read through all the material, but it had become so interesting that everybody completely forgot, that in fact they were LEARNING English- just by the way!
Letters to Captain Carlson of the "Flying Enterprise" followed, he answered immedeately and really kindly made his way into the hearts of the young students! Photos followed, and many letters were exchanged and - this brings us to technology before the "internet-aera",  Captain Carlson was an amateur radio operator and mother's class had the opportunity to really talk with him , because another teacher of the school shared the same hobby and let the whole class come to his home to be able to speak to "their" captain! And then ...write the next letter and wait for the next letter! 
In the early 70ties, there were no computers, no internet, no cellphones, Skype , emails...not even TV in every house...what a difference! Although I wouldn't want to miss the internet- no way!!! - I do miss the letters, with their nice stamps, the "air" of far away countries,  the paper, the smell, the question if it was a good or a bad letter, the joy about thick letters with many pages to read, the waiting time for letters to arrive! 
Well, back to normal now...! If interested , here are some links to read about the above true story...which seems to continue until now, concerning the cargo of the sunken ship! 

(Henrik) Kurt Carlsen (1914? - 7 October 1989)Wikipedia 

SS Flying Enterprise


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rebecca with Rebecca's Collections is new to my followers!A very warm wellcome and a special hello to Australia! ( and a little bit of a true story!)

Following blogs and being able to take a small look in other people's lives...as far as this is possible of course, is an amazing thing the new technologies let us live with! I had seen Rebecca's blog with all her beautiful pictures of her collection some time ago. Then one day there was a post on her blog about her dear mother passing away, which was so moving. I was remeinded of that today, when Rebecca from Australia joined the followers on my blog! Thank you so much for taking interest in LITTLETHINGS!
Today's post of the Jacaranda Tree in Corfu/Greece and the photo of the picture in our home has  a lot to do with Australia and with...keeping up friendship and contacts . Back in 1955 in after-war Germany, my mother studied English in order to become a translater and interpreter. She was just 20 then. Her first real job having to do with languages was at the Australien Embassy in Cologne! At this embassy she met Olga, an Australien employee who was to become her whole-life-time dearest friend! After just a short time their lives seperated due to marriages, children, change of towns and countries and continents!  BUT they kept contact with regular letters to each other through more than 50 years, letting each other know what was important in their lives and "keeping company" to eachother! In a way it was like living next door, but just not being able to physically see the other. We children always loved these letter-exchanges - on both sides in both families- as it was ever so interestimg and exciting to hear about friends' life on the other half of the world! They managed to meet a few times throughout the years, with the highlight of my mother's long journey to Australia - for once in her life she did fullfill for herself a dream she had had for so many years!
It is too long a story to tell here, but I was reminded of this friendship by the picture of the beautiful Jacaranda tree in Corfu. Our Jacaranda painting is a present from Australia, many years ago!
And- although my mother passed away in 2005, we stlill keep contact with Olga and her family , now in the modern way of emails and blogging, but with the same deeply felt friendship!

Ueber die Blogs kann man manchmal ein bisschen mitbekommen vom leben der anderen und es ist doch wirklich toll, dass die moderne Technik das alles moeglich macht!
Rebeccas Blog hatte ich schon vor einiger Zeit entdeckt, mit ihren wunderschoenen Bildern der Puppenstubensammlungen. Dann erschien eines Tages ein beitrag auf ihrem Blog uber den Tod ihrer Mutter- der mich sehr bewegt hatte. Darauf hatte ich kurz reagiert und seit heute ist nun Rebecca auch Blogbegleiterin bei mir. Ganz Herzlichen Dank fuer all das grosse Interesse an meinen Littelthings!
Heute habe ich auch ueber einen wunderschoenen "Jacaranda" Baum in Corfu geschrieben (vorheriger Eintrag)...wobei das Foto sehr viel mit Australien und Freundschaft zu tun hat!
Das Jacaranda Bild aus unserer Familie ist ein Geschenk aus Australien, vor vielen vielen Jahren.
!955 studierte meine Mutter Englisch, um Dolmetscherin und Uebersetzerin zu werden.Damals war sie gerade mal 20. Ihre erste SArbeitsstelle ,die mit den Sprachkenntnissen zu tun hatte, war an der Australischen Botschaft in Koeln. Dort traf sie Olga, eine Australierin, die dort auch arbeitete und ihre treuste und beste Freundin wurde bis ans Lebensende! Nach nur kurzer Zeit an der Botschaft zusammen, trennten sich ihre Wege wieder. Beide heirateten, Kinder, umzuege, verschiedenen Staedte, Laender und Kontinente. ABER, die beiden haben Kontakt gehalten mit regelmaessigen Briefen , eber 50 Jahre lang! Sie haben die ganzen Jahre erzaehlt, wie es ihnen geht, was sie machen, was die Kinder machen ...ihr ganzes Leben. es war fast, als ob sie Nachbarinnen gewesen waeren, so gut wussten sie uebereinander Bescheid! Wir Kinder- auf beiden Seiten- fanden diese Briefe immer hoechast interessant, und es war so aufregend, Neuigkeiten zu hoeren und mitzuerleben, wie das Leben so weit weg war! Die beiden Freundinnen haben sich in all den Jahren nur ganz wenige Male treffen koennen, mit Hoehepunkt die weite Reise nach Australien, die meine Mutter dann doch einmal gemacht hat- wobei sie sich einen Traum erfuellt hat! ueber all das und mehr hier weiter zu erzaehlen, wuerde zu lang werden....der wunderschoene Jacaranda Baum aus Corfu hat mich heute daran erinnert!
Auch nachdem meine Mutter 2005 verstarb, halten wir weiter Kontakt mit unseren Freunden in Australien...mittlerweile modernisiert ueber emails und blogs, aber mit der gleichen, tief empfundenen Freundschaft! 

The jacaranda tree at Town Hall square from johncorfuworld.blogspot.com

The jacaranda tree at Town Hall square

my mother's favourite tree! In our home we had a beautiful painting of such a tree! This is the story:

R. Godfrey Rivers

Under the jacaranda 1903

Under the jacaranda 1903 has been one of the best loved works in the
 Queensland Art Gallery since it entered the Collection in 1903.
 Godfrey Rivers completed the painting 13 years after he arrived
 in Australia from the United Kingdom.
The work depicts Rivers and Miss Selina Bell, who later became
his wife, taking tea under the shade of a jacaranda tree in full bloom.
 The tree was a landmark in Brisbane's Botanic Gardens, which adjoined
 the grounds of the Brisbane Technical College where Rivers taught
 from 1891 to 1915.
It was almost certainly the first jacaranda to be grown in
 Australia. Walter Hill, the Gardens' Superintendent, planted it in 1864.
 It remained in the Gardens until 1979, when it was blown over
during a cyclone ― part of the trunk is now located at the
 offices of the Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens.
With jacarandas now growing in most Brisbane suburbs,
 many the progeny of this first tree, Under the jacaranda may
 be considered a quintessential image .

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Beach memories" continue...but miniature equippment,too! I always need A LOT to read!

I love making the little books from printies and papers, although "my technique" is not realy perfect, but i try to improve! Through somebody's blog- i am sorry i really don't remember which one it was- i found a site where one can see "today's frontpages" of real newspapaers from all over the world:

http://www.newseum.org/todaysfrontpages/flash/    ) With "Photoshop" one can copy, cut and reduce size....yes i am learning slowly...mine all came out different sizes, but anyway! Some others are printies or found via google, looking for pictures of "old newspapers", or "dollhouse newspapers". A nice, cosy winter-reading room....might be something next to do!
Ps. if anybody wants to know the "how-to" of copying/photoshop etc, send email!

Hello to Ireland! Wellcome to Maria with pretty things ireland

Browsing the web-world brought me to http://www.imaginationmall.com/ ...................endless miniature/dollhouse projects/sites/links/shops...and whatsoever  to see! :)
Greetings from rainy Greece...might be disappointing weather for tourists, but just think about the fact that the rain and water is so desperately needed for plants and trees growing up again after so many fires all over the country during the last years! 

Rain Drops keep falling on my head

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Αναστασία-πεφταστέρι "Anastasia falling star " is the latest follower- Wellcome!! and something different I made , but still it has to do with YOUR LITTLETHINGS!

with a real little mirror

Maybe something "practical" might be a new idea? For me it is combining LITTLETHINGS, recycling of all sorts of material, little shells, summer-feeling...and a nice place for you to put your ear-rings!!! 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

U p d at e on Wellcome to 3 more followers! and some photos...some years back in time!

I finally found PEPPER'S blog...and am very happy about that because i liked it a lot and it is a bit different from others , which makes it really interesting! Here it is : http://mitchymoominiatures.blogspot.com/

The new followers are :
Katia with http://lacenfeathers.blogspot.com/
Ioanna with joanna's handmade dream...! Ioanna is only 20 years old , her blog is really an inspiration! 
and Pepper with her beautiful blog...which i will find again later and let you know!! (I hope)
Have a look at their blogs, evrything is so interesting! Today I also found some german blogs about exchanging things- great ideas ,too. More informtion will follow soon.

Now, looking through older photos, I had to smile about these 4! When I started collecting some little dollhouse furniture some years ago in the beginning, I had put them up on a shelf in my kitchen-cupboard. One day coming back home at noon, my second son (there are three of them) had "changed"  the scene a little bit...explaining that when mum is not home...the scene would surely look different! I think you will smile, too!

watch the cat! and the "interesting"  way the doll found  in order to reach the stove!!!

poor  little Teddy has to be heated up!

no other comment needed! 

one brother chasing the other!!