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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas Froehliche Weihnachten Καλά Χριστούγεννα

με τις καλύτερες ευχές μου !

mit allen guten Wuenschen !

with all best wishes!

Mini transparent ,  2cm 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

LIVE Special concert in Cologne Cathredal before Christmas

a well known Band which plays/sings mostly songs from/about and for Cologne :) organizes a special concert every year together with the Cathredal.
Children from Cologne ,who play various instruments, are invited to play with them in the cathedral all Christmas songs!
This is the link, the concert will be broadcasted today live at 14.30 German time..:)
Click on "live  :)


Greetings to al! :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

whats new ? :)

we have a new visitor, this time it is a little bear from Munich ,Pietro :) He wants to stay with us over winter ! He came with flowers for Praline and they became good friends right from the beginning !

Wir haben einen neuen Besuch, diesmal ists ein kleiner Baer aus Muenchen, Pietro :) Er kam gleich mit Blumen fuer Praline und sie wurden gleich gute Freunde!

I am making various Christmas decorations and mini items, am happy to say that some have sold already :) 

Boxes, Plates and tins...and of course mini books..various titles, i also love making them :) 

I also made this year's Christmas box..it is baking this time :) It all started with the cute little girl in the picture ...so i just had to do baking :) :) 

The box is lighted with led lights, and i made a box on the backside for the battery :) 
My special piece is the tiny walnut-shell pram...i have been wanting to do one for a long time :) 

these are ever so adorable, have seen them by many others :) 

And last ...for today : a friend asked me if it was possible to make a transparent christmas scene in minature size ..These are traditional window and candle light decorations for december in Germany and other northern countries ! I remembered how we did our own lantern as children with paper and wax...so, here they are, the transparents in mini to light up cold and dark december days! :) 

They are about 2 cm high , in the pictures with a real candle in behind! ;) 

hope you like my many pictures and the christmas items, many greetings to all of you dear friends :)

Friday, October 3, 2014

Not far away from minis...:)

Time flys ...and runs...and there never seem to be enough hours in a day! I haven't been without any mini making, but real life is very demanding for some months now.
Here are some items i made through the last months..it is always a special pleasure to sit down and create "a something" :) I keep trying to use left-over paper/cardboard...so there are many plates, cards , gift tags, paper houses ...and more to come! (hopefully) :)
You might remember "Antonio" my happy baker..he is feeling wonderful in his bakery! He was made by my friend Inge from Frankfurt- i had written about meeting her in my pevious post! "Sonja" , my friend' s little doll, came to visit us and is still with me...although soon going back to Germany! My friend Inge made another little doll for me, "Emily", which is Sonja's sister and will stay here :)
Posting on facebook right now seems quicker than here..so , if you feel like getting updates more often, do have a look on my page there! The link is on the sidebar to click on, or here again!  https://www.facebook.com/mikropragmatakia
Reading all your blogs, dear friends, is a special treat for me..which i have to save up for weekends ..or the next week...but please be sure, i do follow and am ever so excited and happy when reading and seeing your news!

Now, i know we all love many pictures...here's a "potpourri" of the last months!

Sonja and Antonio arriving in Greece / and Emily meeting Antonio again...they have the same origin! :)

hot in Greece!!! :)

Antonio in his bakery! He fits in perfectly! :) 

Sonja in Mini Jazzi's summerhouse...which has been changed a bit. There is a bathroom now (small though..but there!! :) , upstairs for little Lisy,...some deco...:)

Many little presents from dear (blog)friends 
found their place here! :) 

Lisi's summer place :) 

Breakfast on the balcony...:) 

 Antonio has to wait for his room..but feels quite comfortable on Praline's couch! :) and loves playing with Caramel ! :)

Sonja loves reading!

some paperplates in the meantime : 

Emily coming to Athens / football watching :)

supporting Greece...well,never mind :)

...................they are having a geat time :)

Then some time ago .i saw this cute little house somewhere on facebook , i suppose it must be a photo-composition, but it looked so lovely...i had to try making one!
Here is the original :

And this is my version..:)

still have to fix a little light in the front ...and find a grandma! :)


And , ending this post now...:) , i got a very kind and beautiful "Thankyou" present from a gentleman from Germany, who needed some special down-scaling of letters/signs and a clock for a project he is working on in 1:87 ! I had offered to do that for him and some days later, i got a handpainted postcard with these lovely old houses from my hometown! I couldn't resist...and down-scaled that ,too...and now Praline has got yet one more pretty thing in her room! :) 

Contacts and friendships via minis continue..and thats great! :) 

One has only got one mind...dear Jennifer  fromhttp://www.plushpussycat.com/
reminded me of letting you know about the new enterprises with "Etsy" :) ! We startet a shop together with my friend Inge fom Germany, which is "Minis4you" , and there is my personal one "Mikropragmatakia" :) 


Take care, dear friends, ..i hope to be back again soon :)