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Thursday, May 22, 2014

being busy...:) viel beschaeftigt :)

Neclecting blogging...brings up bad feelings, as i love sharing what i've made! I do look into your blogs...but time is short always..I must admit, facebook has sort of taken over, it is nice to have the chance to quickly "talk" to somebody, to respond and communicate- but it's different from sitting down and thinking about what to show here and what to write!
 I often think about the beginnings of my blog and mini making and for sure i can say, that i would never never have done so many things if it hadn't been to your blogs, your comments and encouragements and friendship! So..please forgive me for not updating regularly...i'll try to do better! 

There have been some special requests..:) 
Kathleen from "International Dolls houses".(facebook) .wanted an icon from the island of Spinalonga ,Crete...which we found after some searching! :) 
She has made a Greek dollhouse and will be exhibiting her work in June at the exhibition in Spain! 

here is a picture (with her permission) of how they look in her dollhouse! :)
and the link to her facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/Mundicasas?fref=ts

we then agreed on some "Greek little treasures" to fit into her house in order to make it look more "lived in" :)
 Greek toothpaste..
 Traditional cookbooks and tomatopaste
 More..tomatopaste :) and carrots and leek done my friend Mimi from Rhodos...who is always working on her techniques and doing new items! :) If interested, this is her facebook page https://www.facebook.com/mimi.topia.9?ref=ts&fref=ts
 There is also canned milk and coffee, and several cookbooks on Recipies from Crete (well..just the covers!)
Then...Kathleen  also made a Danish house...so there were Danish minis to make too! :)
I very much enjoyed making all these!
 there is canned fish, beer, ham, cake, butter, some bisquits...and books of course!
 The fish are papercuttings from a magazine...they looked so nice, so they have to do as minis!!! :)
 Newspapers, new ones and "old"ones..
 Lego can't be missing from Denmark!
and..more cookbooks!! :)

Making plates , nice ones!!! ...is also something i am trying my patience on....yes, i know one can get them readymade..and there are moulds etc...but i prefer my own ones ...and one day they will be ok!!! :)
Colouring things with nailpolish is very convinient...and quick to dry!

I did get moulds for making little hearts from clay/fimo...they always look so cute! They had to go somewhere..so i made some mini-paperhouses for them! :)

Mini books from the '50s and '60s from American schools..that was another request from faraway Florida :) Of course i also made some Greek and Danish books :)

I'll get back to you! :) In the meantime..have a sip of Ouzo! :)
  ( i am NOT good at making bottles..but trying! :)