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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Let's go on a trip! A special WELLCOME to Jonas from Lithuania with http://likusiosdienos.blogspot.com/

A photografer from Lithuania , Jonas, took interest in my blog and wrote a nice comment! Thank you so much! His other blog is http://jonas-fotografija.blogspot.com . Beautiful pictures from many countries will take you on a trip ..nearly around the world!
Taking part in the blog-worls also means "travelling" and getting to know people, places, traditions and inspiration from so many countries...and even learning some words in foreign languages! (remember my post about "learning English without realizing" ???) . Looking at other so many pages about miniature, one can slowly get to understand some words and expressions and admire other languages! I use google-translator  a lot ...but these translations are mostly more funny than serious, but anyway one can get the point! Enjoy your trip to Lithuania!

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