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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Letters to Santa...and led candles!

I had seen these led battery little lights on various sites...but always thought they might be too big for dollhouse purposes. Well i talked about it with a friend from a german dollhouse group, she suggested they would most probably do, she knows of people who do train modells and use them...so i finally got some ( to my surprise
very near in our town) ! They are actually used quite a lot here now in cafeterias, bars etc for decoration instead of real candels. The train-modelists breake away all plastics around and just keep the little led lamp....but one has to be quite an expert for that, in order not to break the whole thing!
Anyway...i wanted them to light up my santa box...as they are cheap comparing to dollhouse products and lights. These little led candels are 2.50 to 2.80 euro a pair!!  And i haven't yet found any small lights in 1:24. With my scenes i don't really measure what i am making and most of the times i end up with a size smaller than 1:12.
I made two extra little shelves for the santa box now, as the candles came into it after finishing :). I painted them with nail colour and glued some decoration on to them. They have a little switch for on/off. So , there is no use in putting them somewhere where one can't reach them. In a future box i will plan on where to put them from the
beginning..and make the proper place for them! One could also make holes in the walls /ceiling..and just push through the little light. The"flame" (plastic cover)  comes off, too,if one wants...and then there is only a
tiny little lamp! Thus the switch would be on the outside and the lamp could stay in the place! Lots of planning ahead!!! :)
I will try to take a picture..just with the candle-light, it is quite sufficient for dollhouse purposes! (but not easy to photograph! )  ........................
But..more important now...here is Santa's mail box! 
Caramel had many ideas on what to write to Santa! How fortunate he is to have friends to help him post the letter! The fun part is, you can put in a real-lifesized letter! 
Who knows how and when...but ...Santa will surely get it! :) There is a little bell to let him know that there's a new letter! 
The box is 23 cm high, 15 cm wide and 7 cm deep. It is for sale, little Santa comes in for free...it is a little plastic doll dressed up with a rather old and worn coat. But he is cute anyway! :) Rudolf is there ,too...he is a plastic toy., too. All other things are made by me. 


  1. Cute Idea! I like the little reindeer sticking out! :-)

  2. Hi Anne, Thank you for sharing about the LED candles. After I received your email about them, I found two for $1 at my local dollar store! I think they would look nice hanging upside down from the ceiling with a chandelier built on them. Maybe I will try it one day. Your Santa's mailbox is darling--so fun! Thanks for sharing. xo Jennifer

  3. Hello Anna, what a sweet little display. You have incorporated the led candles well, I can't even see the base. Your idea to paint them with nail polish is brilliant! I have tried them too, they were even cheaper (2 for 1 €) and I decided to take them apart. That was no problem but you need the switch so how to make the base smaller and still have room for the switch and the battery, that I don't know yet. Also, they "flicker" like real candles, perfect for imitation fire, but I want a steady light too. It is the same mechanism as the musical birthday cards, so I am going to try and take that apart too :-). We'll see how that works!

  4. Hey Anna , I have seen all the adorable scenes in the pictures in your lastest posts. All of them are so cute. It must have taken you a lot of time and effort to create them.

  5. I love these shots! tiny tiny bears and cakes ;)

    I have these pumpkin Led's That are orange and flicker, I may have to sacrifice one to see how they are put together for a nice fireplace ;P Thanks for the into!

  6. Thank you for the information of the lights it is a very good idea. Very cute and lovely Christmas scenes

  7. I like Christmas scene. Yours is amazing.
    Greetings, Faby

  8. Also wirklich Anne... Du hättest Caramel ja mal wirklich besser unterstützen können! Tsss... ihm nur so einen winzigen Stift für seinen Brief an den Weihnachtsmann zu geben, das war ja nun wirklich nicht hilfreich... *LOL* Einfach nur niedlich... und wie nett, dass seine Freunde ihm beim Einstecken geholfen haben. Deine Weihnachtsbox gefällt uns auch sehr gut, auch eine nette Idee mit dem Briefschlitz. Wir sind nun sehr gespannt, ob sich Caramels Wünsche alle erfüllen werden... ;O)

    Liebe Grüße
    Flutterby und Birgit

  9. Hi Anne thanks for the ideas with the lights. I have some also but had no idea what to do with them now thanks to you I have :))) Your santa box is wonderful always with a touch of magic.
    Hugs Maria

  10. Hallo liebe Anne,
    das hjast du wieder so schön gemacht, und so liebevolle Details gibt es zu bewundern. Wirklich schön.
    Diese Lämpchen habe ich schon sehr lange im Gebrauch, die kann man wenigstens einmal unbeobachtet lassen.
    Leider brennen sie nicht lange, aber sie sind ja sehr preiswert.
    Danke für deine lieben Kommentare bei mir.
    Gruß Gitti

  11. So cute! I just love Christmas =) Great idea to do a scene with lots of letters to Santa =) Hannah

  12. I just ADORE your little Santa Box!!! His whole "Office" is so charming and the little Rudolph Raindeer at the top is Perfect!
    I used the covers for the tealight flames for the torches in my Castle Dollhouse! I wanted to try to use the light itself but couldn't think how to disguise the battery part.... it was too bulky to be a part of the torch!