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Thursday, November 22, 2012

a lot of various....viel Verschiedenes!! :)

 liebe Deutschsprachigen...aus Zeitgruenden gehts momentan nicht so lang am Computer zu sein...hier gehts heute um Geburtstagsgeschenke aus Australien und Weihnachtsminis!!! :)
Versuchts mit dem Google-Uebersetzer, auch wenn's vielleicht etwas "schief" wird... :)

first things first ! :)
Yes, i was my birthday on the 16th...
this is me....just some :) years ago !!!
Linda from MinitreasuresWiki must have spread the word... :) She is a November-Birthday-girl, too...and through this, Karin from http://craftlandminisundanderes.blogspot.gr/  found out that we have our Birthdays together! :) So..it's Happy Birthday to her, too...even some days later!
A surprise arrived on the 16th exactly...a beautiful little card with presents for me from...yes, guess!!!! Mini -Jazzi and Jaz from Australia! I was thrilled and very moved, Jaz wrote so very kind wishes! She send me some Minis, one more cushion from Australia - which is VERY good, as there have been some little fights over the one and only we had ( meaning Praline and Caramel!!), a rolling pin for Praline's kitchen , two Australian newspapers and another kitchen-tool i will show later, as it didn't survive the long journey...but it is being glued! :)
AND jewlery for me..in the style i love! Well..sisters do know , don'  t they? !!! :)
Dear Jaz...a big big Thank you!
Praline wanted to show them to you, they are just a bit to big for her...she will get her own ones, i had been planning on that! :)

and the rolling pin has got perfect matching colors for the kitchen!!! She loves it!!!
Now, getting into christmas mood..and hopefully some sales..:)
I had told you, i found a thrown away artificial christmas-tree...a Big one...i can now make many many tiny wraths !! :)

Speaking about christmas, there had been a special offer at an internet shop..where i found very cute figures making cookies. i couldn't resist...in the pictures here there are two of them, i will use more in the next scenes! Here is Grandma and a little boy:

I also put some deco into my baker's workroom and put it into our shop-window...before Santa will come with his house! :)


  1. Lovely post Anne! Very nice Xmas scene and Praline just looks gorgeous! xx

  2. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday I hope you had a great one. Your gifts from Jazzy are fantastic enjoy. Your figures are beautiful I love them.
    Hugs Maria

  3. Happy birthday. You got wonderful gifts, congratulations. Your Christmas scene is so cute.

  4. Ah, da bekommt noch jemand Weihnachtsstimmung... ;O) - Herzlichen Glückwunsch nachträglich, wunderschöne Geschenke hast Du bekommen. Am Besten ist natürlich das 2. Kissen, dass das Zanke um das schöne Stück gegeben hat, lässt sich ja denken.

    Liebe Grüße
    Flutterby und Birgit

  5. So many exciting things, Anna! Happy belated birthday. Congrats on your beautiful gifts from Jazzi! That rolling pin is adorable. Your wreaths look fantastic, and your new dolls are so sweet in your mini scene--how fun! xo Jennifer

  6. Happy Birthday, dear Anne!!!
    I wish all the best to you, dear friend! :)
    Ohhh what beautiful gifts you received from Jazzi! Enjoy it!
    Your photo when you were a baby is so cute!!!
    I love your tiny wreaths and your bakery is amazing!
    Have a great weekend!
    Mini hugs to you, Praline and Caramel...

  7. Happy birthday, hope you had a lovely day. The cushion from Jazzi is super nice. Beautiful kitchen scenes.

  8. Hello Anna! Wonderful scene! i have the giveaway!passa a trovarmi!kiss!

  9. Wat een vreselijk leuk kijkkastje :)

    Groeten Xandra

  10. Beautiful gifts.
    Your Christmas decorations are fantastic.
    Bye Faby

  11. Hello Anna,
    What a cute pciture. i'm glad you gor such ncie presents. I hope it was a fantastic birthday! I love the figures in the kithcen. they look just right for the room! I can smell the cookies! The earings are lovely and the rolling pin is just right for the room. Everything is just lovely.
    Big hug,

  12. Me gusta mucho esa foto de la escena Anna!
    Feliz cumpleaños, feliz Navidad, y que bella foto de tu cuando eras una baby!
    Un abrazo

  13. Danke für deine lieben Glückwünsche. Das wir am gleichen Tag Geburtstag haben, ist wirklich lustig. Die Geschenke sind wirklich hübsch.
    Deine Szenen sind allerliebst. Die Figuren passen toll dazu.
    Die Küche im Schaufenster ist doch bestimmt der Hingucker.
    Liebe Grüße Karin