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Thursday, December 5, 2013

fun...and busy! :)

Hi dear friends!
Thanks so much for all kind comments and many sweet birthday wishes after my last post! :)
I again attended the German charity christmas basar this year...and for the first time also sold my work! It was very sucessfull...i am ever so happy and gratefull for that! But it also means...i have to make more little angels and "mice"..:)
At the basar i also found some nice and very useful little furniture, fabrics and bits and ends for minis...you will see them here soon.
Praline and Caramel had some fun meeting new friends :) ...and trying out some clothes! Well..they are all too big..Caramel just fits into the sleeve of a nice jacket...well, we'll do something about that soon!
 Praline wants a dress with strawberry fabric...to impress our friend Flutterby :) from http://biwubaer.blogspot.gr/ !!!
Some pics for you to see...and angels angels angels...as we also sell them in our printing shop :)
Ilona also sent a beautiful little present...i will take pictures soon! Thank you dear Ilona! :)
I am also making a large number of "mini-books" for an order.....you see i am happily busy! :)

and we had to try and paint some tiny "chocolate" Santas...i saw a scene about that in a short film from a Cafe in Germany, where chocolate Santas are being painted with chocolate of course! That was something very much to our likings! :) 

and now angels..big ones and small ones...they all turn out cute, but need their time to be made...:) 

See you soon! :) 


  1. Hello Anne,
    Your post has put me in a festive mood. It looks like your home will be ready for the holidays thanks to Caramel and Praline.
    Big hug,

  2. Your bears are making a wonderful setting for the holidays, I would love a chocolate Santa! Your paper angles look beautiful ;)

  3. I can see how busy you are. Your node angels are wonderful.

  4. Caramel and Praline are very busy with preparations for the holidays. Great scenes! Your paper angels are adorable.
    Hugs, Drora

  5. Caramel and Praline are very busy. The angel is amazing.
    Hug, Faby

  6. Fluby lässt ausrichten, dass er Praline auch ohne Erdbeerkleidchen für eines der bezauberndsten Bärenmädels hält, das er je gesehen hat... trotzdem könne ein erdbeeriges Outfit nie schaden und er halte das grundsätzlich für äußerst kleidsam... ;O) Du bist ja wieder mal so richtig fleißig, Kompliment, ganz tolle Sachen hast Du da wieder gezaubert. Und Glückwunsch zu dem erfolgreichen Markt!

    Liebe Grüße
    Flutterby (mit hochrotem Blubber) und Birgit

  7. Wonderful angels they are very cute. Looks like Caramel and Praline are having lots of fun decorating.
    Hugs Maria

  8. Hallo Anne, your angels look perfect, so does your little Praline with het cute dress ;). So I see, that you are too busy, how lovely that you have got some custom orders, enjoy Anne!
    We had a big storm two directly after each other today, we didn't have internet, so now I am catching up for reading my emails and updates from the last two days, including yours!
    Liebe Grüsse, Ilona

  9. I love the tiny Santas, very cleaver idea. Hannah

  10. Your mini scenes with Caramel and Praline are darling!!! xo Jennifer

  11. Caramel and Praline are very busy, of course!!!! I love them, they are so cute!! I saw the tiny Santas ready to paint!! These angels are very original, I love the idea!! A big hug