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Sunday, September 4, 2011

a little more ..." recycling" ! noch ein bisschen ..."Wiederverwertung"!

Little plastic-bottle from "healthy" (????????) juices and nice-aroma- sachets for the cupboard!
You have seen these before...I still like to make them! I had kept the sachets for another reason, there were nice white little "Pebbles" inside which i will use for beach-scenes later.

Kleine Plastik-Flaeschchen von "gesunden" (?????) Saeften und huebsche Duft-Saeckchen fuer den Schrank! Ich habe das schonmal gezeigt..Aber ich mache diese Saechelchen immer wieder gern. Die Duft-Saeckchen hatte ich aus anderem Grund verwahrt, denn darin waren so kleine weisse "Kieselchen", die kommen demnaechst in eine Strandszene.

a pity to throw away... :)
zu schade zum wegwerfen...: )


  1. These are gorgeous. Thank you for showing them i will try them as soon as i can find the bottles :) Hugs Maria

  2. Well done! It's beautiful!

  3. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    any small plastic bottles do...just cut them!

  4. It is amazing what you can do with bottles! Very clever!!