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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Update to : Like Coffee? Save the filters!....Neues zu : Wer Kaffee mag, Filter verwahren!

More "construction-news" tomorrow!
Mehr "Bauarbeiten-Neuigkeiten" morgen!

"Praline" will have beautiful windows! :)
"Praline" kriegt tolle Fenster! :)

"in Bau/ under construction" 

Some days ago i had this "internet-blog-studying" day....sometimes one doesn't find new inspiring ideas ...but other times one does!
I was actually looking through art-pages, when i came upon a picture about a paper-tree on a wall, made with  used (dry of course!! ;) coffee-filters!First thought was about the really nice various shades of brown- as it is always difficult for me to mix colors and get the shade i want! 
Second thought....and much more important for the "mini-building", if the artist used them for a big -real size- composition...they must be quite stable material, even if paper! 
And so my window-idea was born! One does not always easily have pieces of balsa material, wood pieces etc- leave alone that cutting all these is not so easy....
TAKE 2 coffee-filters, glue them together,(so you have 4 layers of paper)  let dry, AND CUT easily AND glue easily to whatever shape and style you want! And it is really steady and bendable! 
The used ones have a nice ebony, or brownish , color. I painted mine ....and will try some more methods on that! You can make it more even , or not, it looks like wood, doesn't it? 

The style of window is my favorite, you get such a nice space inside the house! A windowsill, which i would love to have in real life, too- but ...never mind, Praline is the lucky one! She already knows what to put there: the beautiful little lamp from the prize from Monika!!! 

(deutscher Text folgt - etwas Geduld noch / ελληνικό κειμενο θα γίνει- λίγη υπομονή ακόμα!!!)
there will be little branches, dried flowers and various other things on the outside wall! 

curtains, decoration....a lot more to do!
The little blue coffee table will be here ,too! It is my childhood toy! (Last one left... :) 

your opinion?


  1. Fun! Can't wait to see the latest construction news! :-) Jennifer

  2. περιμενω με αγωνια να το δω ολοκληρο το εργο σου..νασαι καλα..φιλια πολλα

  3. Πω πω κάθε φορά τρελένομαι με τα μικροπραγματάκια σου. Ζηλεύω...

  4. Hi Jennifer! Thanks!:)
    Μαρία και Κετερινάκι! Ευχαριστώ πολύ!! Σε λίγο η συνέχεια! ;)

  5. Very good idea! Thank you! Cool one!

  6. Das Kaffeefilterfenster sieht toll aus. Außerdem finde ich den Porzellantisch sehr extravagant.... Deina Puppenhäuser sind perfekt.
    Viele liebe Grüße

  7. Hi Anda and Konstantina! Thank you for your kind words!! Work continues!! :)

  8. The window is wonderful. What a fantastic idea. I am always amazed at the fantastic ideas you have.
    Hugs Maria

    1. Hi Maria, thanks!!! one could of course use other paper or cardboard, but these filters are really nicer to use!