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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

400 followers giveaway : The winner! Verlosung : Gewinner!

Wie schoen, dass so viele mitgemacht haben! Ich freue mich immer wieder ueber alle neuen Kontakte, neue Blogs aus der ganzen Welt! 
Besonders schoen ist aber auch, dass viele hier schon von Anfang an dabei sind.!Und dafuer moechte ich mich nochmal heute ganz ganz herzlich bedanken! 
Mittlerweile sind auch schon wieder weitere Blogbegleiter da...Ein ganz herzliches "Willkommen!" 
46 Teilnehmer bei der Verlosung!
Ohne lange Spannung :) .....Mein Sohn hat einfach eine Nummer genannt OHNE hier reingeschaut zu haben!!! :) 
Die Gewinnerin ist :   
33.Ilona with http://minimumloon.blogspot.gr/
Das ist toll, denn Ilona aus Holland ueberascht uns alle immer wieder mit ihren so perfekten und wunderschoenen Miniaturen, Geschichten und Ideen! 
Herzlichen Glueckwunsch! 

How nice,that so many of you participated! I am always so happy  to see new blogs, get new contacts! There are blogs from all over the world, which is still so amazing to me!
I would like though to say a special "Thank you"  to those of you who habe been with me here from the beginning! :)
In the meantime, even more new followers are here! Welcome to all of you!
46 participants!
without much suspense now : .... My son choose a number WITHOUT having seen the post here!!! :)
The winner is :
33.Ilona with http://minimumloon.blogspot.gr/
This is so wonderful, as Ilona from the Netherlands always surprises all of us with her perfect and beautiful miniatures, her stories and her ideas! Congratulations! 
Das ist die Liste / This is the list! :

21.Jane Smith from "minifanaticus"

22.Shariaah from http://shaairah.blogspot.gr/

23.Conny from http://titanicinminiatuur.blogspot.gr

24.Inge from https://www.facebook.com/pages/Minimagicblog/418497834939294?fref=ts

25.The Grandmommy from http://bigandlittlecreations.blogspot.gr/

26.Maria with m-cubed diapercreations

27.Carmen with http://pekevasion.blogspot.gr/

28.Irina with http://narinanapertaa.blogspot.gr/http://lasminiaturasdeisa.blogspot.gr

29.Hannah with http://hannahsminiatyrer.blogspot.gr/

30.Mari with http://mundo1-12.blogspot.gr/

31.IndyPoppy with http://tailsofadventurewithindyandpoppy.blogspot.gr/

32.Wyrna with http://afairytalecometruewyrna.blogspot.gr

33.Ilona with http://minimumloon.blogspot.gr/

34.Jennifer from http://www.plushpussycat.com/

35.Birgit from http://biwubaer.blogspot.gr/


37.Drora with http://drorasminimundo.blogspot.gr/

38.Elmiraki with  http://xamogelucky.blogspot.gr/

39.Francesca ( inknow you have a blog..but i can't find it..!! )

40.Fabiola with http://fabiolamiominimondo.blogspot.gr/

41.Teruka with http://www.teruka.net/  and  http://blog.teruka.net/

42.Isabelle  with http://daysofourlittlelives.blogspot.gr/

43.Contrastes-Rosa Mª  with http://contrastes-rosamaria.blogspot.gr/

44.Angeles Sanchez Ruiz



12.S Schaffer

20. and one of my first followers : dear Paky!!! with http://paquicheli.blogspot.gr/


  1. Herzlichen Dank für Deine netten Grüße Anna..... hab mich gefreut, das Du mich nicht vergessen hast, trotz längerer Blogpause... grins!!!

    Der Gewinnerin herzlichen Glückwunsch.... ein so tolles Geschenk!!!

    Liebe Grüße

    PuNo / Monika

  2. Congratulations to Ilona, you are so lucky and it is so well deserved that you won. Thank you Anna for the opportunity to participate in your giveaway.

  3. Congratulations to the lucky winner, Ilona.
    Greetings, Faby

  4. Congratulations Ilona!
    Thank you Anna for the chance.
    Hugs, Drora

  5. Dear Anna: I'm so glad for your mention about me!! It's a great honor!! Thank you very much for all and for this beautiful giveaway, Soon you will celebrate 500 followers, you'll see... Congratulations Ilona!! A big hug.

  6. Dear Anna: I'm so glad for your mention about me!! It's a great honor!! Thank you very much for all and for this beautiful giveaway, Soon you will celebrate 500 followers, you'll see... Congratulations Ilona!! A big hug.

  7. Congratulations to Ilona! Und weil Ilona auch Deutsch lesen kann: Herzlichen Glückwunsch!!! Und an Dich, liebe Anne, ein großes Dankeschön für die Chance.

    Liebe Grüße
    Flutterby und Birgit

  8. Complimenti Ilona! E grazie anna per questa opportunità.
    Un caro saluto, Manu

  9. WOOOOW, Anna,what a great surprise, when you just came home after a day of hard work :D!! I am so happy with your wonderful prize. I want to thank your son for having such a lucky hand for the draw of your give away, please, will you pass that on to him?
    Thank you all for your congratulations and I wish I could share that bottle of champagne with you all, that would be a great party, isn't it?
    I also want to thank you for your compliments about my work, dear Anna. I just love to be creative ;)!
    I wish you all and you, Anna, a great evening/week. Liebe Grüsse, Ilona

  10. muchas felicidades a Ilona , y gracias a ti por la oportunidad



  11. Thank you for the opportunity! And congratulations to the lucky winner =)

  12. Congratulations to Ilona on her wonderful prize. Thank you Anna for the chance.
    Hugs Maria

  13. Congratulations to the lucky gal! Thank you for the draw ;)

  14. Thank you Anna for the opportunity to participate in your giveaway and congratulations to the winner!
    Kisses from Italy

  15. Felicidades Illona por ser la afortunada de este maravilloso sorteo, y muchas gracias a ti por esta oportunidad, besos:-)

  16. Congratulations to the very lucky Ilona! Thanks so much for the wonderful chance, Anna! xo Jennifer

  17. Gracias a ti por este maravilloso sorteo y felicitaciones a IIona, se lleva un gran regalo. Besos a las dos

  18. Congratulationa to the winner and thank you for the chance!