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Sunday, June 15, 2014

A busy week in Germany with a wonderful meeting!

For a long long time my father- 80 now- had expressed the wish to see all his children together one more time ! Well...it's 5 of us..and organizing all on one date wasn't the easiest thing!
But we finally managed and had a wonderful week in the end of May in the beautiful town of Saarlouis in southern Germany, right on the borders to Luxemburg and France!
So..we got ready , "all " of us! :)

In combination with this visit and due to more convenient flight times and easier departure airport  for me towards Athens on the way back, i had the chance to finally meet in person my very dear email/facebook friend Inge from Frankfurt. ( https://www.facebook.com/pages/Minimagicblog/418497834939294?fref=ts ) !
We just had a few hours for our meeting, but it was overwhelmingly wonderful !
It was so funny before, when we talked about the visit on facebook...both of us - openly- wondering, if we would finally like each other when being together in reality :) :)
But having built up a very close friendship with all our messages during nearly 2 years..there was no such problem! On the contrary ...it was ever so lovely, heartwarming and moving to be with her and her great family !
Both, her and me are shy of showing pictures of ourselves...but a little "cutout" of us on that special afternoon can give you an idea! :)

Inge could easily turn her workspace ( and house :) ..into a museum, there are so many mini-treasures to see! :) 
Well, we took a tour through her dollhouse, better "Sonja"s house"..as Sonja is Inge's doll who lives in a beautiful modern dollhouse! 
Many pieces in there are handmade by my friend or other friends from our wonderful mini-world, some pieces also bought or found! 
Now..there were many highlights, but Praline absolutely LOVED the modern stove, which even had lights inside, as well as the washing machine...where we sent Caramel to to have a look...he had to wash his paws anyway in te bathroom after such a long journey! :) 
Inge had made tiny beautiful handbags for the "girls"...

and Caramel very quickly found a new friend, "Luigi" , who is the owner of Inge's newest masterpiece..a Pizza restaurant, where all things are beautifully matching, and one can smell Pizza from faraway! :) 

After our tour, they all sat there and enjoyed some wine and a lot of tasty pizza! :) 

Sonja's house

group picture!!! :) 

 talking talking talking!!!! :)

 soooooooooo much to say in very little time..

Sonja even has got tv...

 and "memory-shelves"...all beautiful items find a special place here !

Praline could have watched this for hours!!!!!!!!! :) 

key holder ..a cute little hand made piece! 
Caramel also thought that having a rest from the girls would be a good idea!! ;) 

Caramel ...and the washing machine !( and not only of course!!! )

Sonja's pc  and desk...Praline was really impressed! 

so many wonderful kitchen items! :) 

there is even a -nearly ready - furnished dollhouse- dollhouse in the children's room that is under construction! 

And here is "Luigi's Pizza restaurant"...we had a great time!

A most wonderful visit !

After we had left, Sonja finally had some time to study the map of Athens...who knows, perhaps she will visit us some day? :)

( i should mention that both Sonja and Lisi are handmade, fully movable,  dolls by Inge!  :) :) 


  1. A wonderful week!
    I like the photos.

  2. What a fantastic chance you had to meet a blog friend! I can tell that everyone had a fantastic time! I'm so happy for you all! xo Jennifer

  3. I cant tell who had the most fun. You or Caramel! Thanks for these fun pictures. Glad you are home safe and sound!

  4. It sounds like some wonderful days. Nice for you to meet a blog friend. Sweet that you tell your story here.

  5. It sounds like you had a wonderful time, Anne, it must have been so lovely for you both to see a blog friend in person :D!!
    Thank you for sharing these pictures, these moments are good memories!
    LG, Ilona

  6. Na, wie toll ist das denn - ein großes Familientreffen und dann noch eine liebe Blogfreundin persönlich treffen! Und die kleinen Freunde haben ganz offensichtlich auch jede Menge Spaß gehabt!

    Liebe Grüße
    Flutterby und Birgit

  7. Hello Anna,
    what a wonderful post. It sounds like everyone had fun and the miniature pictures you posted are terrific. I am happy you got to meet Inge.
    Big hug,

  8. Das sind ja tolle Fotos liebe Anne mit sehr viel Liebe zum Detail.
    Es freut mich sehr das du ein schönes Treffen hattest.
    Liebe Grüße

  9. It's fantastic, meeting a blog friend!! I like this post very much, so funny!! A big hug and I hope you enjoyed very much!

  10. Sonjas house looks great =) So big and lots of wonderful rooms. And how lovely to meet a blog friend in real life =)