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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Busy baker..nearly finished :)

with a battary-system from Germany, which makes putting lights inside quite easy..( well you know by now that i tend to think about details...afterwards!! :)

I made half of the space in the shelf under the workshop into a "cellar" with a (ready-found) staircase and some details . the rest of the space can be used for real-size cookbooks or other kitchen items. Some towels there might also look nice! :)

I will do some work still on the outside walls with some green or flowers!

A friend offered to make a baker-figure/doll  for me, so soon i will be able to show you a busy, but also very happy, little baker! Until then, of course Praline and Lisi had a look and thought that they could do some helping out! ! Fortunately Lisi seems to be good with paper-work! That's a big relief for my busy baker! :)

here are some pictures how it looks now :

Here's the super-easy battary system ! 

it is a (removable) sort of cover/cap for big flat batteries, with a switch!!!! and holes for the tiny sockets!!! These caps come with two or more spaces for the sockets ...i am definetly ordering some!!!! :) 

and the little secret helpers....always happy to look around! :) 

Soon.........to be continued! :) 
Take care all dear friends! :) 


  1. Great! Your hard work shows..it came out wonderfully! I like the two floors and hidden battery!

  2. Gorgeous work, Anna! That photo of Praline looking in the mirror is so precious! Nice to hear about the lighting system--thank you! xo Jennifer

  3. Great work, Anne, now the house just looks like a real bakery!! Both, the cellar and the space above, have the right atmosphere :D!
    What a fantastic good find is that lighting system. I am so happy for you that you found this solution, enjoy it!
    Liebe Grüsse, Ilona

  4. Ist es nicht toll, heimliche (oder auch nicht ganz so heimliche) Helfer zu haben? Ein ganz tolles Projekt, Deine Bäckerei, auch mit dem Keller eine wirklich schöne Idee. Und so viele leckere Brote!

    Liebe Grüße
    Flutterby und Birgit

  5. Es genial!!! te ha quedado preciosa y llena de vida,buen trabajo!!!

  6. It looks great. Such a wonderful busy bakery.

  7. Hello Anna,
    It is beautiful. what a great project. the structure looks great and the interior is perfect. Very good work.
    Big hug,