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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter dear friends! A little tour through the last months!

Kein Aprilscherz...:) Ich bin noch da :) Hier eine kleine Tour durch die ersten Monate 2015 :)
Bedanken moechte ich mich noch bei Birgit und Flutterby fuer die wunderschoenen Ueberraschungsweihnachtsgeschenke ....!! (Better late than never!!! ) und auch weitere liebe Gruesse von einigen Blogfreunden!

Easter coming up..soon..and it is no April's fool joke...i am still here :)
Firstly i must apologize to BIRGIT and Flutterby , i would like to say a big Thank you here,too, for the wonderful surprise christmas presents!!! :) (better late than never! ...) And also Thanks to quite a number of Blogfriends for greetings! :)
To cut things short..well wrapped up in everyday life, but continuing mini making and enjoying the fun!
I had a wondeful present some time ago,i got a Lundby dollhouse from dear friends.
Ηadn't really known much about Lundby houses , but quickly got to join the "club" , discovering that there are fans and collectors of course all over the world, and made quite a number of new and nice aqaintances through Lundby-grous on fb.

Mini books ...of course! Still loving doing them :)

Paper things...yes, still favorite ! :)
Praline and Caramel ? Yes..happy and well! :)
We are joined by Antonio, the baker and Sonja, a beautiful "young lady" , Pietro- a little bear visiting from Germany!AND Grandma, a new little doll my friend from Frankfurt made for me , e..Praline :) !She is made after a picture of my real Grandma!

So,here are various pictures from the first months of  2015

Here's January :
new mini mini books :) 

Grandma arrived :) Oma ist angekommen :) 

Kitchen cabinett made from left overs business cards..
a copy of a ready one, as shown in picture below! ( the size is 1:12) 
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ready one on the left!!!

February 2015 :
not many minis , as we started moving house..BUT i made (not readable) mini encyclopedias( for 1:12 libraries..)  ..which do look nice! And some newspapers..:) 

March 2015 :
Moving (real life ) house...and the LUNDBY dollhouse...which also led to making more mini books in smaller size apart from 1:12 ! Lundby items are in 1 :18.! 

First Grandma got her armchair, which is a copy made by me, of  her own armchair she had back home :) It is ever so comfortable and we still love it and keep it! 

Then....the LUNDBY house arrived ..and we started .,.thinking in 1 :18 !!! :)
Praline loves it !! And ..of course her bed does fit in! :) :)

See you soon again, take care , and a big hug around the world! :) 


  1. Dear Anne, it's great to see a new blog post of you again :D! You have been very busy with making new miniatures. Your new grandma doll is absolutely wonderful, I think she feels quite at home already ;). Regarding your mini booklets: it's great work and I liked seeing the book of Pipi Langstrümf!
    Congratulations on your Lundby house, now it's to you for filling it with lovely furniture, like your new cabinet :)! Enjoy it!!
    Happy Easter to you and liebe Grüsse, Ilona

  2. Schön, von Dir zu hören/zu lesen... Wie man sieht, warst Du sehr fleißig... und dann noch ein Umzug... oha... Wir hoffen, Du und die Deinen habt alles gut überstanden, ist ja doch immer mit einer Menge Stress und Arbeit verbunden. Und dann ein neues Haus, super... da kannst Du Dich ja mit Hilfe Deiner kleinen Freunde richtig gut austoben. Und dann die Neuzugänge - allen voran die Oma... was für ein besonderes Geschenk!

    Frohe Ostern wünschen
    Flutterby und Birgit

  3. Your books look wonderful and I love the little hedgehog.