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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I saw this at rosanna at la stanza di giuggiola :Sabiha has a new blog !!! Attention...Please read!! Miniature Interiors: Start all over again!

Eine Blog-freundin hat ihren Blog verloren ( das ist ja schrecklich!!) und hat nun einen neuen eingerichtet und wuenscht sich natuerlich ihre Kontakte zurueck! Der neue Blog von ihr, Sabiha, ist 


Go to 


This is the introducing text! I hope and wish, that she will soon have all her followers back!! 

Start all over again!

Hi dear miniature friends!

Don't ask me how....but I lost my miniature blog???
I'm very upset about it, but shit happens I guess?
I will start all over again and I hope to inspire you
again with my blog and work.

My wish is that all my old follower friends will follow
me again and more new followers will join my blog!!!

I also wanted to ask you, to help me to get my followers
back with a post on your blog and the link to my new blog!

Many thanx and I will encourage to do so with a GIVEWAY!

Miniature Interiors: 

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