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Sunday, August 21, 2011

"Heavy" Construction to show ! " Schwere" Arbeit zu zeigen! How to fit a room in a box??? Wie passt ein Zimmer in eine Schachtel???

I am continueing the  little room for my sister...it will be a surprise, so i can only show you some pieces of the pictures from construction going on! But I am so happy about my ideas, as this has to be very easy to transport AND as light as possible. I wanted it to fit in a flat box (well, as flat as possible!) It took me some time to fimd the right way, but late at night, thinking thinking thinking...i found the solution.

It is a 3-sided open room from folded card-board,

I fixed wood-sticks in all corners ( yes, the Greek kebab sticks are wonderfull for that!) which are longer than the height of the walls!

These will go into a styropor basis ( and can come off! ) and the whole construction is steady!

The roof will also be from pieces of real branches,and the whole roof can "sit" on the walls being pushed into the little cuttings on the walls! (and can come off!) and make the whole construction even more steady!

The only "heavy" piece is the floor-glued to the styropor- because it is made with real stone.
But as the furniture is small with minis...i don't think it will weigh more than 1500 gr. AND it will fit into a flat box- in pieces!
AND the basis ( and the roof) can be used for another style of cardboard-room- just as one might want to!

I would love to show more, some pieces of furniture are ready,too...but then the surprise would be gone! It has to wait until September 16th! Have a look at the different pieces here:
sticks glued to wall corners/ Holzstaebe aussen an allen Ecken

Stckswith walls stuck into the styropor / Holzstaebe mit (abnehmbaren) Waenden in Styropur gesteckt

Cutting for roof branches/ Auschnitt fuer abnehmbares Dach -Zweige

Cutting for roof branches/ Auschnitt fuer abnehmbares Dach -Zweige

Stone floor glued to basis / Steinboden auf Basis geklebt


  1. Cant wait to see this. :) Hugs Maria

  2. Kijnd of you to comment! Thank you! Would love to put in more pics...BUT!