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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Καλωσορίσατε!!! Happy to meet Vasiliki and Vicky! Chearfull colours and nice things to look at! Welcome to my blog- Thank you for following! Vasiliki und Vicky, froehliche Farben und viel Schoenes zu sehn! Willkommen auf meinem Blog und DANKE fuers Teilhaben!

This is the blog : http://imagineandhandcreating.blogspot.com
Have a look at :

Scrapbooking, deco, little presents....and beautiful wedding decorations .from GREECE!!! 


  1. Καλώς σε βρήκαμε. thank you for posting our blog to yours as we are new and still trying to find how it works. We loved your work and i think we are neibours.

  2. Hello again! Thank you for your kind words...i am sure we will keep contact!