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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Memories ...and more! :)

Thank you to all dear followers for leaving so many ,kind, funny, sweet comments! They mean so much to me! 
Please forgive if i don't comment so often...i need more time!!! :) 

(pic from www.123rf.com )

within the last days i have had some orders  for mini-books, i am ever so happy about! :) Thus i was busy with books! :) 
Via facebook a blogfriend was the lucky 101st to  "Like" my mikropragmatakia page there (see link to facebook on the side bar!) ...so she could choose a mini book she wants! Can't show a picture yet...she will have to recieve her mail first! :) 
It was Barbara from http://babobaer.blogspot.de/ who makes bears and "bookies" , cute little "Bookworms"..that's what we call people who simply LOVE reading in German! Here is a photo from her blog, showing the "bookies"! Cute, aren't they?

She also asked if i could make books look a bit "older". I tried with tea..and it does look quite nice! I will try with various teas..this one turned out quite dark, but i wanted that!
( the flowers in the vase are Drora's present! ) 

Then , a tiny part of "left-overs" just wanted to be turned into a super-mini-folded-paper-mouse-baby! It became as cute as it wanted to be from the beginning! :) 

A new set of mini-books..which will be a very limited edition..as there is limited decoration for them left! Now..you might think i am crazy...but i needed something nice to make the "memories" more beautiful! ( we should write down the beautiful memories!!! ) 
Something romantic! 
I remembered a beautiful card, Birgit from http://biwubaer.blogspot.gr/ had sent some time ago ( remember all the wonderful presents and Caramel fainting with that Teddy-cake??? :) . 
That card, i thought , must have been handmade..and studying it closer YES it was handmade! 
So, dear Birgit, your card-decoration..see the photo!!...now decorates my "Memories"!!! ( don't worry, Flutterby, we kept your picture!!!! )

She had used a sticker-gold-girlande, which comes off again and cut into tiny pieces now serves as the my new decoration! :) 

May we all have beautiful memories!
I'll leave you for today with pictures from very hot Athens and the traditional ,special guards at Constitution-square, who are not allowed to move during their duty (except when exercising some special steps) ..so their superior officer has the task of regularly wiping off the sweat on their heads!

and the sea....! :)

ps...morgen alles auch auf Deutsch! 

Ps.....Watch out for the "pageview" counter...when reaching 100.000!!!!
Achtet auf die "Seitenansichtzahl"!!! ...wenn es bei 100.000 ankommt! 

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  1. You've made beautiful things from Birgit's card. You are quite a good recycler, Anna. That tiny mouse is darling, and I love how your tea-stained book came out--congrats on many jobs well-done! xo Jennifer

  2. Your book aging was very successful. I love the funny book worms, I am one too. I also love the little recycled book mouse. It must be very hard on those poor guards during these hot days. Thanks for the photos.
    Hugs, Drora

  3. Glad I'm not a guard! Very glad though to hear you have got some orders coming in!xxx

  4. Hello Anna,
    What a lovely post. %The bookworms are just lovely and I love the decorated set you made. I must try the tea technique for aging books. All your work is always so great and it is a pleasure to visit your blog.
    Big hug,

  5. Your books are wonderful. I really like the older books and the memories set.
    Greetings, Faby

  6. Poor guards. I love your set. The decorations make them extra special great idea. Cute baby mouse :) The bookworms are wonderful.
    Hugs Maria

  7. Haha, was glaubst denn Du - Birgit und gekaufte Karten, nee, das gibt's nicht, Grußkarten werden immer selbst gemacht, das geht sonst gegen die Bastlerehre. Und wie man sieht, hat das dann auch Vorteile - wenn der/die Empfänger/-in mal dringend eine Stickerverzierung braucht! *zwinker* Wer hätte gedacht, dass die Bordüre noch mal so einen Auftritt hinlegen würde... Toll sieht das Set aus! Und Deine Minimaus ist wirklich niedlich, so klein zu falten, alle Achtung. Und Glückwunsch zu dem Auftrag, Deine schönen Bücher und die Büchwürmer werden sich bestimmt gleich gern haben... ;O)

    Liebe Grüße
    Flutterby und Birgit

  8. You vintage books are lovely! We use the term book worms here in the US also and those are really cute! Yours are probably the only mice I like. LOL You show such wonderful things about Greece you could be a travel ambassador for Greece! lol