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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

try with some printies/ Versuch mit einigen Printies


i had often looked through these wonderful pages and now tried just a few Baby-things to see how they are. But it was a bit disappointing, as the ones i choose and printed as they appeared, tunrd out really VERY small! I put a small (!) lighter next to them for you to see.
The paper-prams, to my taste - are very narrow and would need a lot of "make-over" in order to look nice!
The "pampers" printies are very blurred pictures- perhaps in order to 'hide" the name (?) , anyway, they sort of do for a simple use.
On the other hand, the "album"-books turn out very big in relation to the other items!
Finally, the little blue drawer is cute- but also very very small!! I didn't put the seperate drawers inside. Just glued on the red pearls.
The "gift-boxes" are ok, too!

Now..it all had to do with a little present i wanted to make and the blue-striped crip had got into my eyes!
So, even if not really happy with all printie-items, it sort of turned out nicely!

But the crib had to be "straightened" , because if used as the printie shows...head- and footpart would have been totally sloping.
Conclusion for now is, not worth the efforts with these ( and in the same time, i could have done a crip on my own...it was just the colours that were really nice!)

Would be interesting to know, if you have tried some of these? 

The other problem is, if printed only once, all is white inside...so one either has to paint them or glue paper or something...or print twice and stick together.


  1. Your little scene is gorgeous. I have done a few printies and like you found that some are very small and some a bit big. to be honest I thought that it was my printer as its old and I am not good at setting it lol. I love what you did with the crib.
    Hugs Maria

    1. Hi maria, thank you for commenting! Yes, i thought it would be interesting to share some opinion on this! I printed them as they were- no other adjustments.

  2. The scene is lovely Anne...I haven't made much from printies as I think they are limited but the grocery stuff is handy. I too like your crib...well done xx

  3. Δεν μπορώ να σταματήσω αναρωτιέται. Έχετε χρυσά χέρια και μεγάλη φαντασία.


  5. Τα pampers... όλα τα λεφτά!

  6. Your scene is very nice.
    Bye Faby

  7. Hello My Name is Imelda :-)
    Standing up for my Name here ...
    I created and designed many a printie and see you have used a couple of mine ...
    Firstly i may add the quality and size of your prinite will depend on if you have the original BMP image.
    ( which i very much doubt )....since size and your print quality is poor and blurred,.. Its a copy reduced in size for uploading to Web... by person or web Album you got it from...
    Secondly the 3D effect for crib or Pram would have been created to be filled with something of your own choosing blanket baby etc :-)

    Regards Imelda....

    1. Hi Imelda! Thank you for your remarks on this blogpost! I understand your point! I used these printies in a little present for a friend. Could you perhaps contact me again with an email? I tried to find yours but was not sucessfull..yet! :)