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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Watermelons...ribbons...and mini mini book recycling!

Wassermelonen...Schleifchen...und Mini mini Buchwiederverwertung! 

First things first...who wants/needs/loves Watermelons???? These are chewing gums a little shop near my house is selling and i just found them! Aren't they perfect for summer scenes-grocery/...whatever? 
If you would like some, please let me know. it is really no problem sending them! :) 
Zuerst...wer mag Wassermelone??? dies hier ist Kaugummi, das ich heute in einem kleinen Geschaeft gesehen habe, ganz in der Naehe! Sind die nicht perfekt fuer Sommerszenen, Obstgeschaeft...oder was auch immer? Wer welche moechte, kann gern Bescheid sagen, ich kann gern etwas verschicken! :)

they are ca 2cm, you can compare with the shells! hollow inside (unfortunately)
ungefaehr 2 cam, man kann mit der Groesse der Muscheln vergleichen! (leider) innen hohl

Next...who needs some of these????? A friend brought about - i don't know how many, more than hundred. I HAVE to keep one for Caramel's outfit....but many dozends can go!!!! Feel free to tell me! 
Weiter...Wer braucht Schleifchen???? Eine Freundin brachte mir- ich weiss nicht wieviele...., mehrere hundert. I MUSS eins auf jeden Fall fuer Caramels Hemdchen verwahren...aber viele viele dutzende koennen gerne weg!!! Meldet euch!!! 

and finally ...presenting : 
the mini mini book(paper) recycling family!!! :)
und zum Schluss...wird praesentiert :
die Mini mini Buch(Papier)wiederverwertungs-Familie!!! 

They might go into a book-shop??? :)
Vielleicht kommen sie in ein Buchgeschaeft??? :)

Have a nice Sunday!!
Schoenen Sonntag!!! 


  1. love the cute animals from recycled paper!

  2. The melons look great gosh hard to believe they are chewing gum lol the funny places minis are found :) I love your little hedgehogs.
    Hugs Maria

  3. I love your creations!They are so cute!!!

  4. The melons look real.
    Bye Faby

  5. Your little recycled critter family is adorable! Congrats on your lovely finds and gifts! :-) Jennifer

  6. I like your little bookrecycled family. They are so cute.
    The melons look very real. You say that they are hollow....can't you fill them with self-hardening clay?


    1. Hi Sjoukje! Thank you for commenting!! so kind of you! yes, i suppose, one could fill them- that's a good idea! Because it might also be nice to have an "open" one!!!