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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Update , please read! A big THANK YOU for SHARING TRICKS AND METHODS !!!Can you smell the bread? Have a look at Mels Miniatures at http://www.melsminiatures.blogspot.com/

 It was my mistake not to read exactly what Melanie with her delicious mini food and scenes had posted about her technique on using hairspray in order to get the flour nicely stuck to her bread....and I had to try that out! It sounded like a great idea!!!

So this is the whole post leading to my contact with Melanie, and I really want to apologize to Chris from Canada ,because it was my fault not mentioning her! I hope writing this , it is ok now!!!

.If you're worried about bugs which I am, I use grated chalk for my

From: roomboxes@yahoogroups.com [mailto:roomboxes@yahoogroups.com] OnBehalf Of knitfiend
This reminds me of someone asking what I used for soil in my plants. The
answer was soil, sifted through a tea strainer. For flour I use sifted
flour stuck to a thin film of Elmer's adhesive spray or a cheap
extra-hold hairspray.


Her wonderfull work can be seen here http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/view?username=nitfiend

The hairspray worked wonderfully and I wrote to Melanie about that, also asking for her Ok for mentioning her idea here . She wrote back ever so nicely and here i am with  Melanie as new follower (Thank you so much, I am thrilled...again!!) and pictures of the beginning of a new scene- most probably it will turn into a wall of an old house with a mystery garden!
As you can see...i didn't bake bread, but found  a dollhouse-window which I painted "Old" and had not yet found what to do next!  then a friend brought an old plastic-fan ! Pieces of the fan are now in the window-openings and were sprayed with hairspray and then covered with "colour-dust"! I had been breaking my mind to find a method to paint these pieces in order to get them just as they look now....that's when Melanie appeared! I was so excited about the "sucess" that I forgot evrything around me and  the food (yes, normal life has to go on at the same time!) nearly got burned! Have a look!I didn't manage to cut all pieces evenly...but a little twig or piece of flower or wood will cover later where-ever needed!
haven't made up my mind if it will be a window or a door....


first pic yesterday, remember the little bench?


    Ο΄ΤΙ ΚΑΙ ΝΑ ΕΙΝΑΙ , ΕΙΝΑΙ ΤΕΛΕΙΟ!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The window is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.