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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cinema construction stages-Sinema yapım aşamaları! Wellcome to a very special miniaturist from Turkey! Please meet http://ozdenceyhan.blogspot.com/

Mr Özden Cezhan with his wonderfull blog, full of interesting miniature and many many tutorials joined my blog today, after I had discovered his some hour earlier and couldn't stop admiring ! First I thought it is wonderfull to see a man working with miniatures, which is not so often.. and the second reason for joining the followers on his blog was the miniature OPEN-AIR-CINEMA! This is something so nice and magic, watching a movie open-air on a warm summer-night! It was something magical to me when I first came to Greece and i love it ever since! There are still some of these summer-cinemas and if you come to Greece (or Turkey :)  ) do find out the whereabouts and enjoy yourselves with this special treat! Also good to know if you don;t speak the local language, all movies are in the original language with subtitles for Greek! So , there is nothing standing in your way to enjoy! I think it is also so nice to get a picture of the traditions and special sides of countries through minatures! 
There is a nice older song about the summer cinemas here, a bit melancholic..about youth and   years going by too quickly, but some memories will never fade and a very beautifull is the memory of a night with fullmoon at a summer-cinema with the smell of jasmin and night-flowers! 

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  1. wow, how do you get so much into a room, very nice work.