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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

UPDATE with Eliana from Brazil! Wellcome - Καλοσόρισες! ELENI with her blog SewHappiness.com AND "MM" is also new, but I don't see a blog.Please get back for more info if you want to!

I "met" Eleni with the new Internet-shop www.yuico.com ,we liked each other's blogs...and there we are, both getting more contacts through our blogs! It is great to meet new people and to learn and see more every day!

This is a nice day today, so many new contacts! Just now
Eliana from Brazil is new with her wonderfull blog
I love her blog especially because she has some dollhouse furniture I also have, and have not jet used in scenes!
Oh, so many new ideas and pictures and nice tiny things to look at!
Followers from all over the world also open "windows" to other places and countries...sometimes I wish I could fly! And see all of the world!

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  1. Dear Anna, I have the right to call you dear, like an old friend, because your reception was wonderful. Thank you for the kind words and make sure that if you could fly would have a warm welcome here.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and become a follower. :D