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Friday, July 15, 2011

There is a very special new follower! David Edwards with http://davidedwardsminiatures.blogspot.com/

I suppose quite a lot of you miniature people will know Mr. Edwards and his work! Well, I didn't....but came upon his link through another blog, joined his blog and facebook page and got a very kind Welcome-note!
Never in my dreams I would have thought that this absolute Perfectionist and professional miniature-maker from Scotland would take the time to have a look at my blog and my little beginner's steps into the wonderfull world of miniature!
But it seems , he did AND JOINED IN AS FOLLOWER! I am thrilled and ever so excited about that! This is really an honour, Mr.Edwards,  and you can't imagine just how thrilled I am about this! Thank you so much !
There are several links on his blog, I picked this one for you to read about his story!

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