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Monday, July 4, 2011

Computering...a new shop...some more LITTLETHINGS...some pictures...too many ideas...sometimes the days are too short!

right now...enough for today!!!
most probably they will be flower-baskets, and the net in the background will be something special...having to do with the sea!

a piece of driftwood for your keys!
Recycling and reusing is quickly moving upwards  in Greece finally! There is a new website/shop/platform to buy ,sell, present ideas and many more things! Have a look at www.yiuco.com. You can also find it on facebook as Yiuco Place!  I gave it a (long, but sucessfull) try today, there is a link in my blog here on the right "Pages- Shop"! 


  1. Hello Anne:) Thank you for joining my little sewhappy world:) So glad we stumbled upon each other!! Good luck with your new store!!!
    Eleni @sewhappiness

  2. Hello again from here! Thank you also for joining here! I am hoping to meet you some day...as we are not so far away from each other! Good luck to you, too!