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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

this is the little present i got from minitreasures! Das ist das kleine Geschenk von minitreasures!

It is a tiny wood-plate with bread and slices of bread, and a beautiful little rose!
This is my foto, and the rose you can see better on the foto which is by Vesperminiatures, who made these beautiful things!

Es ist ein kleines Brotbrett mit Brot und Scheiben und eine suesse kleine Rose! 
Hier ist mein Foto, die Rose sieht man besser auf dem Foto von Vesperminiatures, die ja beides gemacht hat! 


Perfect breakfast table! ein perfekter Fruehstueckstisch! 


  1. Congratulations your gift is beautiful. It looks fantastic on your beautiful table scene.
    Hugs Maria

  2. Hallo!! and Thank you for your thoughts!!

  3. Das Brot sieht richtig frisch und lecker aus. Na dann guten Appetit!
    Liebe Grüße von Craftland

  4. You're wonderful
    Sweet and friendly, I received your gift, and I felt the world's most special person that you sent me with love, thank you very much for your nice words on the postcard, but above all thanks for the stroller, so small so well done, so pretty .........'re an angel simply.
    A big kiss

  5. Békés csendélet kenyér és finom!
    (bögrét pontosan ugyanaz számomra. Milyen kicsi a világ:))

  6. Hi all!! Thank you for your nice and kind comments!! Anda...yes, it is a small world!! And Santa on a mug can go anywhere!! :)