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Sunday, August 26, 2012

August 26: wonderful sea! Wunderbares Meer!

if you don't own a real one...make yourself a little sailing boat! :)

wenn man kein richtiges eigenes Hat...baut man sich ein Segel-Schiff! :)

even like this...you can hear the sea-gulls, hear the waves, and feel the wind! 
auch so...kann man die Moeven hoeren, das Meer, und den Wind spueren! 
και ετσι...ακους τους γλάρους, την θαλασσα, και μπορεις να νιώσεις τον αερα! 

Mini Jazzi fully enjoys herself!
She doesn't wear the swimming suit she brought with her..i made another one! Hers was too delicate for me to try to dress her into it...you see...i am not used to little delicate dolls as a mun of three boys...:)
Mini Jazzi hat so richtig Spass!
Sie treagt nicht ihren mitgebrachten Badeanzug...der war mir zu fein, um sie damit anzuziehen..habe ihr einen anderen gemacht! ...ich kenn mich mit so feinen kleinen Pueppchen auch nicht so aus...als Mama von drei Jungens...:) 


  1. Mini Jazzi is having so much fun, I said she would enjoy Greece, i wish I could join her

  2. Thanks for your sweet message! I will miss Venice, but I'm super excited about the new place! Your pics are lovely as usual, please say hello to the tiny sailor bears :D

    1. Hello to you! Thanks sooo much for your kind comment! Have already said Hello to the bears!! :)
      Sweden will be wonderful,too,..i am sure. I have good friends from Sweden. It is agood place! I was just...my heart was going out for you...as it is such a big difference between these two countries...but on the othe rhand, ...you will meet so many tiny cute trolls overthere!!! :)

  3. MJ sure is having fun :) Are you sure she will want to leave Greece lol. I love her little bathing suit. Wonderful pictures.
    Hugs Maria

  4. This is SO Much FUN!!! I LOVE your creativity! I Remember visiting the Islands of Greece Many Many Many years ago... Someday I hope to come visit again! Mini Jazzi looks like she is having a Wonderful Time!!!

  5. Das macht so viel Spaß, Euch bei Euren Abenteuern zu begleiten... und Praline und MJ sehen ja wohl oberschick aus in ihren Badeanzügen!

    Liebe Grüße
    Flutterby und Birgit

  6. Just left this comment for you - but on my own Facebook page!! Then clicked on the other link and saw all the other photos! "Love her outfit - I bet you made that one for her! I'm hopeless at making clothes so I hope that by the time she gets to me she's got a suitably large choice of garments for most occasions! I'm really going to get my thinking cap on to come up with exciting things for her to do. I think its just Debbie and I in the U.K. who are going to be hosting her. Annette oxo 2 minutes ago"......