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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Guess who is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) ratet mal, wer hier ist! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

starting the post with an explanation in Greek, as all are curious here, too!
kurz zu Anfang Erklaerungen auf Griechisch, denn hier sind natuerlich auch alle neugierig!

and now : here she is, yes MINI-JAZZI came to Greece first! 

She arrived very very late last night ! 

After happily and ever soooooooooooo pretty looking, she climbed out of her little suitcase-bag and only wanted one thing...her bed!
 Oh, dear, she was so tired after a whole week on the plane, in cars and lorries, post-offices, having shown her tiny passport at least 10 times... and finally the (very nice\) mailman!
Praline put her to bed, brought some nice and cool water for her to keep on her bedside...and her eyes closed the moment she put her little head on the pillow! 
Tiptoing all came to stand at her bed and just get a short look at her, with the guard stricly allowing them only some minutes...not to disturb her sleep! 
It is very warm in Athens, that's why her own purple blanket remained inside the suitcase...she would be too hot with it! But Praline advised her to get out the skirt for the morning...w'll see about a t-shirt...something will be found! These are the first pictures...i am sure..you will believe it: it was like welcoming a real little visitor! :) My family was thrilled ( all men..) , and we all together admired all Mini-Jazzi's luggage one by one piece...my second son imediately guessing (right)  that she must have brought at least 3 pairs of shoes! :) 
There are a million things to tell...but right now , i 'll leave you with the pictures of yesterday night! 
We are getting Breakfast ready now...and have to see about the bathroom, which i think-  will be just fine for the little princess! :) 

Now.......you might wonder.why i am not loudly shouting how very very surprised i am about her arriving here first! :)............??????????????????
Well....Jazzi and me...yes, we had a little secret ! 
Some time ago, before Mini-Jazzi was off to the worldtrip,we had arranged that she would come here first because the whole idea had sort of started with my suggestion...following a post Jazzi had written in her blog a long time ago! Meeting all you nice people through the blogs, i had been sighing....o, just how wonderful it would be to be able to visit each other in real life....but then, sigh again...and again...it is not possible because of soooo many reasons!
 We had then thought of sending each other some souvenirs...and then JAZZI CAME UP WITH MINI-JAZZI'S WORLDTRIP!!!!! :)  
The second reason is, that next to all wonderful souvenirs from Jazzi from Australia, you will also all get Souvenirs from Greece,too...and they will now go into the package,too...and will slowly make their way to all of you! 
Dear Jazzi...i can't thank you enough for all your planning, working  and preparations to make this beautiful idea possible!  God bless!!!!  
and NOW : 
Let the fun begin!!!!! 
Welcome to Greece Mini-Jazzi!!! 
In Greek this is "kalos orises" ! 


  1. So glad she is safe and I am sure grateful for a good nights sleep after been in that suitcase for a week! Have fun my Greek family xxx

  2. Hurrah!!! How exciting! I am looking forward to each and every post and really hope that she goes and sees some fabulous places. :) I have wanted to go to Greece for a long time and this will make it *nearly* real enough for me. :D

  3. Ana I am so happy she arrived to you safe and sound. This is very exciting and am really looking forward to all your posts. Enjoy your exciting little visitor. We want every tiny detail lol.
    Hugs Maria

  4. I am so glad to learn Mini-Jazzi arrived in Athens first !!! I am looking forward to seeing her around with Praline and Caramel during her stay in Greece!!!

    1. Thank you!! Efxaristo....I think she will learn some Greek! Now...i can imagine YOU MIGHT BE THE LUCKY ONE to really be able to meet -Jazzi here!! How about that???? :) I will email you for that!! :)

  5. Das war eine lange Reise. Kein Wunder, dass Mini-Jazzi so müde ist. Bin gespannt auf die Bilder der tollen Souvenirs und vor allem auch auf dass, was sie alles in Griechenland erleben wird.
    Herzlich willkommen bei Anna.
    Liebe Grüße Craftland

  6. No hay mejor lugar que Grecia para comenzar su largo viaje!
    Me alegra mucho que esté contigo y que descanse.
    Disfruta tus días con MJ
    Un abrazo
    GRACIAS por no tener palabra de verificación

  7. Welcome to Greece MJ! I hope you do lots of sightseeing while you are there with your new mini friends!! I know Greek food is wonderful as I married a greek but do remember not to eat too much or you won't fit back in your suitcase ;)

    Love Mins xxx

  8. Hi Anne! Wow, this is exciting news about Mini Jazzi in Greece! How wonderful is this idea, fantastic and now she is going to travel all over the world?? How exciting!! Enjoy her visit, I'll follow the latest news here!
    My best wishes to MJ and hugs to you, Ilona

  9. he is off on her wonderful adventure! I bet she was very tired. Get rest now as you will be very busy for the next couple of years. But first Greece! What sights you will see!

  10. A big welcome to Greece, mini Jazzie, you will have so much fun there, take lots of photos, enjoy the sun, eat the food, send postcards, swim and snorkel in the deep blue sea, oh how lucky are you x

  11. Das ist hinterher natürlich immer einfach zu sagen "Das haben wir uns eigentlich schon gedacht" - aber es stimmt, Ihr wart so auf den Punkt vorbereitet auf Eure weitgereiste Besucherin, dass wir immer schon vermutet haben, dass Mini-Jazzi zuerst bei Euch aufschlagen wird. Und wie gut sie es bei Euch hat, so einen wohlbehüteten Schlaf nach der langen Reise... wir sind jedenfalls auf Eure Abenteuer gespannt, wenn sie irgendwann ausgeschlafen hat.

    Liebe Grüße
    Flutterby und Birgit

  12. I've been waiting so eagerly when and where MJ will show up first. And there she is now, in Greece! So wonderfull! :) I had thought that you two (Jazzi and yourself) might have a little something going on because you had done so much work preparations beforehand for MJ to arrive ;) I hope she'll have a really nice holiday in Greece! And I hope that you'll enjoy her stay :)
    Hugs, Ninni